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The Wisdom of Stepping Into Your Flow

Guest Post by Amber Chalus
When was the last time that you let yourself just be as you are?  
Without the constant need to rush. To push. To strive. To accomplish. 
Just stepping into the flow of the present moment. Allowing. Receptive. Free. 
In a society lost in a world obsessed with productivity, doing more and pushing harder — those kinds of days are becoming few and far between. 
This past month, when I was teaching at a women’s retreat, I said something a little bit edgy. But so true…

“You become what you worship.”

Now I don’t mean what do you believe in a spiritual sense. I mean, what do you worship in your day-to-day life?
What do you spend MOST of your time doing? Who do you spend MOST of your time with? What do spend MOST of your time watching? 
Think about it for a moment. What do YOU give most of your attention to? 
Does your to-do list win out above your family? Does your cell phone eat up hours of your time from the moment you wake up? Does your life revolve around what you do, what you accomplish and what you need to achieve? 
Cramming more and more into every single moment of every single day women have been convinced that being busy is the ultimate symbol of success. 
Do more? More worthy. Give more? More loved. Achieve more? More respected.
So then, even in those moments that know you need a break. To relax. To unwind. To just fill up your cup…you feel guilty for even thinking about it.

Because deep down you secretly believe you need to do more or else you’re failing at life. 

And guess who loses out in the process? Your body. Your mind. Your spirit. And everyone around you.  
You’re business struggles. Your partner misses out. Your children get caught in the cross fire. 
As you pretend to be “happy” with the way things are, you know that there is something missing. 
So you keep on pushing forward. “Maybe next week when things slow down….” you remind yourself yet again as you glance across the room to that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages. “This can’t be my life…I’m falling apart from the inside. What’s happening to me?!”, you think to yourself laying up in bed at night. Stressing about how you’re going to make it through another day. 

Forcing yourself into a box. You feel trapped. Pushing yourself to your physical and mental limits. You feel exhausted. Demanding more from your body. You feel drained. 

Sound familiar? Heck, yeah it does. 
And you’re not the only one. You see it in every woman you speak with. Friends. Sisters. Your mother. The girl working at the bank and the woman standing next to you at the coffee shop. 
We are all fighting to win a race that we don’t even care about. 
Chasing a finish line that (although it might look impressive to other people) will never make us truly happy. Secretly dreaming of the day we can just press pause on life and finally take a breath. 
So today I want to ask you a very important question… 

Is this the life you want to live?

Really? Are these the moments you want to look back on at the end of your life? 
And if the answer is no, then it’s time you made a change. And this kind of change takes courage. Real courage.
Because when you finally decide to step away from the “box“, the constant need to “please” and your addiction to being “busy”….you’re going to feel a little out of place. 
Like you’re not doing quite enough. But that’s exactly the point. 
The truth is you were meant to be who you are. Not fighting to be something you aren’t. 

So if you want to feel more at ease in your body, in love with your life and connected to your truth…it’s time to reconnect with your feminine flow my friend. 

The part of your being that seeks to play, dance, connect, create, feel, experience life with ease and grace. Instead of chasing deadlines and winning races that drain the life out of you.
Stepping into your flow is incredibly powerful and deeply intuitive — when you finally introduce it back into your life. 
But most women never even give themselves the chance. They hide away their emotions, cut off their creativity and cut off their femininity. 
All because she was told that “Creativity and self expression is a total waste of time”, “You’ll never be good enough just the way you are” and that “Getting a good job, the rich husband, the well behaved children and a perfect house” should be her ultimate goals in life. 


Trying to fit in…no matter what that looks like for you, will always leave you feeling depleted and disconnected from your true power. 

So ask yourself, “How can I step back into my own flow? What experiences does my body crave? What movement would feel delightful for me? What art would make my heart sing to create?”
It’s time to honour the flowing, the dancing, the creative, the beautiful, the ever-changing, the wisdom of your feminine energy. 
Take time to breathe deep into your heart. To move your body and sway your hips.
To stay up late and dance underneath the moonlight. To spend all weekend reading mystery novels. To make art and create beauty without the need to charge for it. 
To speak to strangers about their hopes and dreams. Walk the path less followed and listen to your own inner wisdom — instead of following celebrities on instagram. 

Be the woman who worships the wisdom of her flow instead of the rules of the world. That my friend, is freedom.  

Amber Chalus HeadshotAmber Chalus, founder and creator of The Liberated Woman™ is a Free-Spirited Explorer, Inspirational Writer, Yoga Teacher and Podcast Host. Her mission is to help and inspire women to nurture their physical and spiritual health through yoga, mindfulness and radical self love. She believes that every woman deserves to feel connected to her body, radiate with confidence and live the life of her dreams – naturally and with love.
She currently lives in Nipawin, Saskatchewan with her charming British husband and adorable rescue dog, Indiana Jones. Exploring even more ways to empower women to Escape The Ordinary, Embody Their Bliss & Find Freedom Within. Listen to her weekly podcast over at or join the community at


  1. Love this! Beautifully written and expressed. With the ever present reality of the world constantly changing, the only thing we can truly rely on is our own intuition. Great post, Amber!!

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