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Life Makeover in Baby Steps

Are you often the LAST on your priority list?

Do you wish there were an EASY way to create a healthy lifestyle without a huge investment of time or energy?

You NEED a “Life Makeover in Baby Steps”!

If your life is busy with kids, works, spouse, social commitments and more – YOU are going to LOVE this program!

Does this describe YOU?
  • After taking care of everyone else, you’re totally exhausted.
  • You feel run down, like you aren’t really living- merely existing.
  • You want to be healthy and feel energized, but just don’t have the time.
  • You are overwhelmed and just don’t know where to begin.
  • Your menstrual cycle makes you a crazy woman– complete with mood swings and chocolate cravings.
You are NOT alone.In fact, this describes a surprising majority of women today. And, for many women like YOU, it can be overwhelming to try to achieve personal goals and come to a greater level of health while they are busy focusing on everyone else.

That’s why I created this program. I want you to know- any personal goals are achievable if you just break them down into small steps.

That’s what I’ll help you with- breaking everything down into little baby steps. What happens when you put enough baby steps together?

What if I Told You that in a few short weeks on the
Life Makeover in Baby Steps program you could. . .
  • Increase your energy and focus
  • Reduce your bloating, headaches and pain
  • Get your family on board with a healthy lifestyle
  • Begin to detox your hormones and balance that PMS monster
  • Fill your kitchen with beautiful and nourishing foods that you WANT to eat
  • Make some healthified ‘junk food’ with my easy recipes
  • Create a Happier You for a Happier Family
Get your FREE 3 weeks. . .
What You Get With
Life Makeover in Baby Steps

Once Weekly Emails
Once every week, you will receive an email with ONE simple tip to integrate into your life that week. No hours spent in the gym or kitchen for you!

Step-by-step Instructions
Most tips take only a few minutes out of your week, and include full instructions on how to complete your ‘baby step’. No guessing, or feeling insecure about what to do.

Confidence + peace of mind
Feel confident about your choices in food, activity and stress management- because the major decisions have been made for you! Only care about how FABULOUS you feel!

One Theme per month
Every four weeks, a new theme will apply to your ‘baby steps’. This keeps YOU consistent and on track while discovering the most you can on one topic area. Some example themes are Hydration, Hormones, Exercise, Stress Relief and more!

Easy Recipes
Healthy food should be delicious- not like cardboard. Some ‘baby steps’ include nourishing, delicious and EASY recipes to add to your dinner routine.

BONUS Content
Even though each ‘baby step’ is short and sweet- sometimes links to extra content are given so you can dive deeper into your journey.

Get your FREE 3 weeks. . .

When will I be billed?

Your first three weeks of Life Makeover in Baby Steps are free. After the three weeks, your credit card will be billed for the first payment of $9.97. After that, you will be billed $9.97 automatically once per month.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, if you feel that your health is on track- and you’re feeling energized, juicy & happy- you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I apply the ‘baby steps’ to my whole family?

Short answer- it depends. Most of the Baby Steps can be applied to anyone- like hydration, food and exercise tips. Specific tips to women’s health should be kept for you and your daughters. 🙂

How much time will each step take to complete?

Each Baby Step will take between 1 and 30 minutes to complete.
For example, if you get a tip suggesting 20 minutes of exercise, that tip will take you 20 minutes. But if you receive a Baby Step suggesting flavored water, that will take you only a minute or two.

I’ve been doing Baby Steps for months- and want more- what’s available for me?

Now that you’re well on your way to optimal health- you may realize that more intensive work is needed. Contact me about other programs and private coaching. No matter your goal- we’ll get you there!

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