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  1. lisa

    I suffer from chronic fatique and can fall asleep any where. At night I cant sleep at all. I have ask doctors and they have no idea what to do for me. Even if I stay awake all day I still can sleep at night. I get so agitated and anger about it. Is there any thing you can recommend?

    Thank you, lisa

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Sorry to hear you’re really suffering. The good news is there is lots you can do about it! Generally when you are having such severe sleep issues, it has to do with your adrenal glands and the hormone cortisol. If often gets reversed, being low in the morning/during the day and high at night, keeping you awake. Rest is important and medicinal herbs can be extremely effective in reversing this. Because I don’t know you’re full medical history and you’re not a client, I’m unable to make specific recommendations. However, I’m happy to chat anytime to make more targeted recommendations. Hope this helps!

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