Lunar Cycle

Regulating Your Period with the Moon Cycle


Being a woman can be tough. For one week every month, we get mood swings, cramps, headaches, stomach upset, cravings and about million other “PMS” symptoms that have us going batty. Or maybe we don’t get our period at all for a few months at a time. Well ladies, none of this is normal! We can feel vibrant all month long by regulating our cycles.

How you might ask? By using the moon. Throughout history, women have been keeping track of their periods using the lunar cycle. At every New Moon, they knew their menstruation would begin. This is a fabulous way to track your cycle and have regularity. How can it help you?


  • Reduce PMS
  • Balance mood
  • Reduce menstrual cramping and headaches
  • Reduce cravings, bloating and weight gain
  • Regulate too long or too short cycles
  • Reduce heavy bleeding
  • Keep you spiritually connected to the earth and your body
  • Empower you with intimate knowledge of your body


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Seem too good to be true? Think again! Moon cycling is easy. There are two phases to this method of cycling in which you eat certain foods and their oils to influence your body’s hormone production. Here’s how:


  1. New Moon to Full Moon: flax seed/oil, fish (and oils), walnuts, pumpkin & chia seeds/oil, cod liver oil
  • These foods contain tiny amounts of phytoestrogens, which work to raise estrogen in your body for the follicular phase of your cycle. This is the time when you will be menstruating right up until ovulation.
  1. Full Moon to New Moon: evening primrose oil, perilla oil, borage oil, black currant seed oil
  • These oils work to raise progesterone in the body, which is necessary during the luteal phase of your cycle, or from ovulation until your next menstruation begins.

If you choose to take oils, taking between 2000-4000mg per day is great.

If you choose to eat the foods, 1-3 tbsp. of the nuts/seeds per day is perfect.


So, go CELEBRATE the beauty of your cycle + your body, and your connection to the earth!


  1. Mia

    Hi Robyn!

    I love your site! I have been moon cycling for 5 months I’ve finally got my period synced with the cycles of the moon!:) so happy. Quick question: once my cycles are synced do I still need to continue using the oils for my body to remain synced with the cycles of the moon or can I stop? Many thanks in advance lovely!! 🙂 Mia

    1. Hey Mia,

      I’m so glad you like the site! I’m happy you’ve joined me here. 🙂

      Once your cycles are synced, I would say your best bet is to slowly reduce the oils/seeds until you’re no longer taking them. Then see if you cycle remains synced. To reduce, cut your current dose in half for one cycle. The next cycle, either cut it down another half or eliminate completely.

      Hope this helps!


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  3. Deborah Bateman

    I’m 56 & no longer have periods. How can I incorporate seed cycling into my diet? Please could you email me the reply?

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  5. Jessica

    Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for this great and interesting post. Thumbs up :)!

    I’m looking into starting seed cycling but I have a few questions.
    Is it best to take both the seeds + oils or only one of the two options?
    Also, is 2000-4000mg per day not too much? Someone advised me to take 5000mg,but in other places I have read that a safe dosage shouldn’t be more than 2000mg.

    Many thanks in advance for the clarifications!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hey Jessica!

      Thanks for reaching out. Well, technically you only needs the seeds OR the oils, but seeds are food so feel free to eat them anyway!

      As for dosages, what I’ve written is pretty general, and I’m not able to make more precise suggestions unless the person is a client of mine and I know their history.

      That said, if you’re unsure if it’s right for you, feel free to start with a small dosage and work up from there!

      Hope this helps,


  6. Mariya

    I am a PCOS patient since 12 years of my age, now I am 33. I was taking birth control pills before to regulate my cycles. Now off the pills since 2.5 years and started my journey to cure myself naturally. Now I only taking adaptogen herbs (Shatavari and Ashwagandha) to balance my hormones, Myo-Inositol and Chromium GTF to regulate my insulin resistance issue. Some other dietary supplements I am also taking along with like: Vitamin D3, Neurobion (B1, B6 and B12), Vitamin C, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Folic acid. I am successful to get rid of 6 months or 12 months long secondary amenorrhea. But still I am experiencing 60 days long cycle sometimes, sometimes 28 days cycle. Can I incorporate seed cycling along with my regime? Is seed cycling suitable for insulin resistance? Will be highly thankful on your kind response. Really desperate of treating this PCOS issue now and couldn’t get a stable 28 days cycle 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Hey Mariya,

      Thanks for reaching out! Sounds like you’re doing a lot to help you PCOS. Yes, seed cycling is a safe addition for most women, assuming you don’t hacve allergies to any of the seeds. Besides helping your hormones, the seeds contain lovely proteins and fats that may actually help insulin resistance as well.

      If you’re curious about the proper diet to go with all those supplements, check this out:


      1. Mariya

        Thanks for your reply, I will look at the diet.

  7. Hi.great knowledge here.
    Well i have few questions.
    1- i have 28 days cycle(21 days plus 7 days of periods).my question is whether i,ll b continueing my seed during periods too or just 21 days?
    2-i am 30 years old and trying a baby pls tell me is it safe and help full?

    So waiting for your reply me if possible i,ll keep waiting.

    1. Hey Batool,

      Thanks for your questions. (1) Yes- continue the protocol during your menses as well and (2) Yes absolutely safe if you tolerate seeds and your physician hasn’t said otherwise- that’s the great thing about using food for medicine!


  8. Nina

    Hi Robyn,

    I have pcos. I started my period around the new moon which I was sooooo happy about. Then I started from day 1 to take flax seeds. Then around the new moon, just before I was due to switch to the other seeds, my period came again. Which left me with like an 11 day cycle. Why do you think this happened? Should I continue trying to sync up to the moon. It seems my body wants to do opposite things…

    1. Hey Nina!

      There could be any number of reasons why this happened….including no ovulation and what you experienced was rather spotting or a breakthrough bleed. If you cycle wants to go opposite, that’s totally fine too!

      What you can do is start the new moon > full moon seeds on day 1 of cycle, and once you ovulate switch to full moon > new moon seeds.

      Hope this helps!

  9. Shannon

    Hello. I am trying seed cycling again to regulate after an Iud. I want to make sure I understand do I switch seeds on the day of or after the moon change? This cycle I started on the new moon but the full is on day 16.

    1. Great question Shannon!

      If your cycles are regular, and you know when you ovulate- switch the seeds after ovulation. IF you have irregular cycles and don’t know when you ovulate, use the seeds according to the lunar cycle.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  10. Essie

    What if I have regular periods (one cycle is exactly 28 days long), but my cycle is reversed as in I menstruate right after the full moon? I tend to have emotional stress and I’m pretty sure that my hormones are imbalanced as I suffer from persistent hormonal acne (which interestingly improves when I’m on my period, so that’s reversed too.) I would like to try to sync with the new moon to see if it could make any difference.

    1. Hey Essie,

      Check out “Yoga Goddess” Zahra online. She talks about this, and what it means if you menstruate on full moon vs new moon, etc. She’s a wealth of knowledge!

  11. Alex

    Hey Robyn!
    I am 21 years old and haven’t had my period in a year. How do I know what phase I am in if I haven’t had a cycle in this long?
    I am trying to regulate and bring back my period as soon as I can but am struggling to do so.

    1. Hey Alex,

      So you wouldn’t know- and that’s okay. Then you go by the moon cycle. New Moon = Phase 1 and Full Moon = Phase 2, just keep switching the seeds/oils by these phases until your period returns, then restart the seeds according to your own menstruation.


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