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[Podcast E21] Cycle Syncing to Heal Burnout


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I’ve recently entered a period of burnout after a very difficult 9 months. 

Making some major changes to my life and shifting my routines depending on my cycle phase is a large part of my healing strategy.

If you’re in burnout, or have been through a period of intense stress, transition or illness and want to move forward feeling strong and connected to yourself and your body, you’re going to love this episode!

Inside this episode, I’m sharing:

  1. What Cycle Syncing really is (beyond just what you eat)
  2. My personal burnout story (including the symptoms I’ve been experiencing)
  3. Why Cycle Syncing is a key strategy for women experiencing burnout
  4. How I’m syncing all four phases of my cycle to be supportive to heal from burnout and prevent future burnout

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