[Podcast E19] The Ovulation Equation


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Supporting ovulation to improve menstrual cycles, overall health (& in some cases, fertility) is the top issue I work on with my clients every single day.

It’s also the focus of the work I do to support my own health.

And it doesn’t have to be as complicated as we think.

The cascade of events leading up to ovulation and the results after determine how you feel day-to-day, both physically and mentally/emotionally.

  • Inside this episode of The Well Sisters Podcast, you will discover:
  • The whole point of the menstrual cycle (hint: it’s not your period!)
  • Why a regular, ovulatory menstrual cycle is important for overall health (regardless of whether you want kids)
  • Why you may not be ovulating even with a regular cycle
  • The link between symptoms of low progesterone and ovulation
  • The super-simple formula for supporting strong ovulation in order to improve menstrual cycles, hormone balance, overall health & fertility

P.S. The Ovulation Equation 7-Day course for naturally better Ovulation, Menstrual Cycles & Fertility with greater Clarity, Confidence & Ease arrives October 28th. To be the first to know when doors are open, get on my email list HERE

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