[Podcast E14] Regulating Your Period with the Moon


The moon is an excellent tool to bring your period back, and to regulate menstrual cycles.

Each lunar phase corresponds with a specific phase in your menstrual cycle due to the energy of that time in the moon’s cycle, such as:
New Moon = MenstruationFull Moon = Ovulation

In this brand new episode of The Well Sisters Podcast all about using the moon to regulate your cycle, I’m sharing:

  • How lunar cycles are connected with our menstrual cycles (& have been forever)
  • The phases of the lunar cycle and their corresponding phases with the menstrual cycle
  • Red Moon vs. White Moon cycle and what it means for you
  • The safety factor of living “as if” with the moon and why it will bring on real results
  • Simple ways to put this into practice

I am contributing this episode to your menstrual healing journey because after experimenting for years, I know how easy and effective using the moon can be and I feel so strongly that you are ready to harness this power for yourself.
So let’s bring that period back with the moon!

P.S. Ask me questions about this episode or inquire how we can work together by reaching out to me anytime via Instagram DMs or email me at robyn@thehormonediva.com.

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