[Podcast E10] What Tests Should I Get to Check My Hormones?

Jul 13 • 23:38


Testing can be incredibly valuable when you’re dealing with menstrual, period and hormonal problems.

For example, I would’ve never been diagnosed with PCOS if I hadn’t had my hormones tested, especially because I had no cysts or “string of pearls” on my ovaries.

Testing is tricky though – there are subtle nuances such as getting the right tests at the right times in your menstrual cycle, using the right testing medium (blood, urine, saliva) and consulting OPTIMAL (vs. average) ranges for results.

Most of the time my clients come to me having had some kind of tests in the past, and are often told everything is “normal” despite having lots of symptoms and generally feeling like 💩💩

🎙️ In episode #10 of The Well Sisters Podcast, we’re diving deep into:

  • Why testing hormones is helpful
  • When to test hormones for optimal results
  • Which hormones to consider testing
  • What to do when results come back “normal” despite having symptoms
  • The DUTCH test for hormones and why it’s so helpful

I can’t wait for you to listen! 😍

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