My Love-Hate Relationship with Time

My Love-Hate Relationship with Time

All in due time. Time is running out. Time on your hands. Time heals all wounds. Time flies when you’re having fun. For a limited time only. Having a hard time. Kill time. No time to lose.


These are some of the MANY (I know- I looked it up) cliches surrounding time. I have a love hate relationship with time. Lately I’ve been feeling it more than ever.

If you’re part of my tribe, then you know I’m mourning the loss of my grandmother. I’m also building my business, saving for a house, balancing my hormones and practicing radical self-care.

Having so many things “to-do” can really lock you into time. For example- I have deadlines that I have to meet, for clients and project partners. As much as I wish I could throw away my clocks (there’s a lot of them!) it’s just not possible.

And while I wrestle with this fact it has led me to wonder. . .How can I- and YOU- make peace with time?

Well, first come the cold, hard truths:

  1. We cannot escape time– even though the word or concept of time is something us humans made up, it still doesn’t stop the earth from turning and the sun from rising another day. So we must. . .
  2. Move on. Deadlines, birthdays, alarm clocks and pre-booked appointments will always keep us locked into time one way or another. Not to mention that whole aging thing.
  3. Time is our friend. Time is my friend. Time is your friend. Annnd repeat.

A big part of making peace with time is filling it with things you want to do. Of course there are things we may hate doing but have to do- but if you do your best to shift your life where many of your to-dos are things you are excited about, it gets much easier.

We also need to let go. Let go of expectations, old emotional or mindset ‘programs’ from our earlier life and from perfection.

As a recovering ‘Type A’ personality, I can tell you that the need for perfection and the object of time don’t always get along. How can we get the project to be ‘just so’ when the deadline is ever looming?


Short answer: It’ll most likely never be ‘just so’.

Long answer: Just do it to the best of your ability and get it out into the world! OR, don’t rag on yourself or your family when things/stuff/events don’t happen as you want, when you want.

It’s that instant gratification we seek. But isn’t is so much more worth it when something that takes time finally comes to a close?

Like when you’re making some delicious homemade food. Sure, it may take longer than picking up fast food on your way home from work, but it is infinitely more satisfying– the look, the smell, the taste- the sense of accomplishment. You just can’t beat it.

With your health, you may want to lose 50 pounds in 2 months for your cousins wedding, but taking a diet pill or over-exercising to only NOT achieve that goal anyways is not satisfying. And it’s demoralizing.


Big lesson here: Time is your friend. So treat it as you would your very best friend. Use it to gently guide you through life. But don’t be upset if a time comes and goes without your biggest hopes and dreams coming true all at once. Sit back, brew some tea and make yourself comfortable for the ride. Enjoy not only the result but also the steps you take to get there.

And I wouldn’t fault you for smashing that watch and never wearing one again. . .


How do you feel about time? Do you have any tricks for time management and acceptance that have worked for you? Share in the comments below!


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