MCT Oil for Hormone Balance

MCT Oil for Hormone Balance

MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides, are a category of concentrated saturated fat (the good kind!) made from coconut oil. MCTs are made of various medium-chain fatty acids such as Caprylic, Caproic, Capric and Lauric Acid. These are science-y terms that are good to know, but you don’t need to understand them to reap the benefits that MCT oil has to offer.

MCTs are easily oxidized by our liver which makes them easy fuel for our bodies. This quick oxidization allows our body to burn energy more quickly and efficiently. MCT provides close to instant- and extremely sustainable energy for our bodies.

MCT oil can be found in most health food stores, just look at the ingredients to make sure it is only coconut and/or palm oil.

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Health Benefits

MCT oil has numerous health benefits besides hormone balance. I’ll list a few here and we’ll get into why you want it for your hormones in a minute.

  • Improved Blood Sugar Regulation
  • Improved Metabolism (increases energy expenditure)
  • Appetite Regulation
  • Cholesterol and Blood Lipid Control
  • Health Cell Membranes
  • Improved Immune System

Hormone Balance

Blood Sugar Regulation

Blood sugar and insulin regulation are one of the most important things to consider for any hormonal condition. There are even hormonal conditions with insulin problems as a disagnostic factor for the disease, an example of that is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). In research the use of MCTs has improved glucose metabolism in subjects, which equals more energy, more stamina and less PMS for you. It has been shown that chronically imbalanced blood sugar in the second half of the menstrual cycle leads to more PMS.

You can use Bulletproof Tea as a great breakfast to use MCT oil and set you day for lasting, balanced blood sugar.

Appetite Regulation

Because it regulates blood sugar, using MCT naturally leads to appetite regulation. Additionally, fat is the slowest burning fuel you can eat, so you will naturally want to eat less. My experience with this is that when I use Bulletproof Tea everyday, I just can’t eat as much food the rest of the day. And you will also want to make better choices! Once you see how good you’ll feel using MCT or other fats in your diet, cravings tend to disappear.

Beyond this, when you’re not eating as much and cravings disappear, then PMS and hormonal imbalance symptoms will drastically decrease.

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Weight Loss

We’ve all heard the dangers and risks involved in carrying too much excess weight. While I’m not a proponent of super-thin, nutrient-deficient bodies- having a healthy weight for YOU is important. We store excess hormones in our fat cells, and when we have a lot of extra fat tissue, we tend to accumulate old hormones that should have been detoxed out of the body. So, we can get those PMS + Menopause-causing hormones out of the body with weight loss. Increasing the amount of fat in your diet and using nutraceuticals like MCT can have a big effect on your body weight- whether weight loss or weight maintenance is your goal.

Balance your hormones, reduce your PMS, lose weight and feel energized with MCT oil!

Let’s talk! Have you tried MCT oil or using fats for your health concerns? What was your experience?

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  3. Sandy

    Doing what I can to bring up my estrogen level after stopping bio identical hormones because of breast cancer. Hoping MCT will help.doing Budwig with the flax oil now.

  4. Victoria

    Found this article because of my menopause nightmare adventures. I am in menopause and FAT. Have always been active and slim. No matter what I do, I keep the tire around my waist. I am going to try MCT’s. It’s an obvious hormonal issue. Wish me luck!

    1. Roksanne

      How did that work out for you? I’ve been using it for two weeks. Hot flashes have gone from every 1 1/2 hours to just a few a day. Problem though ….. after 3 years of no menstrual cycle, I’ve been spotting for two days.

    2. Donna Gareau

      I just read your post and I was wondering how it help menopause ?? I just started taking MCT oil and it seems the night sweats have started up…
      I appreciate your comments..thank you

      1. Hey Donna!

        I don’t think there is any evidence that MCT oil is a specific remedy for menopause. Rather its a good source of fats for balancing blood sugar and jumpstarting fat loss.

        I’m not sure why it could cause night sweats, but if it’s not working for you, it’s not worth using!

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