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How to Heal Stress Naturally

We all know we should slow down, take in the sights and love ourselves for who we are. We also know we have to take the kids to school, make dinner, do the laundry, call this client back and feel desirable for our Honey. Is it possible to do both? Can we really have our cake and eat it too?


Well, I’ll be the first to tell you that achieving everything you want and remaining health in mind and body is a struggle. For 2 years I struggled with adrenal fatigue, or being ‘really stressed out’ to the point of exhaustion. I did meditation, infrared saunas, yoga, deep breathing and visualizations. I’ve also done negative self-talk, crying, beating myself up and being frustrated with the world.


Since I no longer have to drive an hour each way to Toronto on a daily basis, and my work commitments are changing, I’ve been taking this time to heal myself for good. No more back and forth between doing what I should do and letting the devil on my shoulder take hold.


Now I do yoga 3 times per week, I’ve joined a meditation class, I’m doing mental exercises to change my thought patterns and I’m supporting my body with nutrients. I know it will be a long road, but I’m in for the long haul. I can see benefits already!


Maybe your situation hasn’t changed, you still have little time for yourself and think you can’t do it. Well you can do it! Here’s how:


  1. Make it count. By this, I mean find what makes you feel light. Whether it’s yoga, reading a juicy romance novel or talking walks along the beach, find your freedom. Do it as often as you can. Maybe you’re feeling really sleepy but you can be sleepy in a restorative yoga class, or while laying on the couch reading your book.
  2. Feed yourself. When you’re under stress your body needs extra nutrition to keep you on an even keel. Load up on green smoothies and cut out the burger and fries. Sticking to a whole foods diet rich in healthy fats, fibre, and vegetables will make your body and mind feel good.
  3. Move yourself. While getting off the couch may seem a daunting task when you’re stressed and tired may seem counterintuitive, make yourself. But don’t overdo it. No high impact cardio and heavy weight-lifting here. A 30 minute walk outdoors, a gentle yoga class, a leisurely swim or some deep stretching is just what your body needs. It will thank you for it.Love yourself. Anytime you here the little devil on your shoulder say “I’d be happy if I was 15 pounds thinner”, or “I’ll be happy as soon as I do X”, compassionately recognize that you are happy/beautiful/fulfilled/content NOW and if those things happen, it’s just a bonus. You are perfect right now in this moment. Say it now, over and over all day and you will believe it!
  4. Supplement. Sometimes the stress overload can throw our hormones out of whack. And I don’t mean just the ones that give us cramps, mood swings, hot flashes and headaches once a month. Your body has hundreds or hormones and they all take a hit when we are chronically stressed out. Supplementing with nutrients supports the balance of these hormones. Try a B complex, a stress/adrenal formula with adaptogenic herbs, Vitamin C and D and some calming herbal tea.
  5. Get help. If this all sounds great and you feel you’ve tried it all on your own but nothing helps, find someone help you on this journey. Whether that is a nutritionist, psychologist, psychiatrist, homeopath, naturopath, osteopath, massage therapist or reiki master, find the person that jives with you and makes you feel comfortable, safe and HEARD.


Now go look in the mirror at your awesomeness and tell yourself you’re perfect and wonderful and everything will be OK! It’ll only get better from here, I promise.



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