Detox Preparation Day 4

One day to go, [wlm_firstname]!

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Prepping your meals and snacks as much as possible. Refer to Prep Day 2 for more details and suggestions of how to do this.
  2. Revisit your Vision Board and Power Questions. Remind yourself of your goals, and the big WHY behind your journey.
  3. Finish any other preparation YOU feel you might need for the week to lighten your load. This may include making your first quart of Detox Tea if you are a GOLD or PLATINUM Detoxer. Make space in your days as you will be receiving daily knowledge dropping to help you connect the state of your health + hormones to your happiness and life vision. It’s all connected!

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many of the obstacles you once imagined are not even there

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Email Support

As part of your detox, you have unlimited email access to me! If you have questions, concerns or want someone else to celebrate with you- feel free to email me!

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