Detox Preparation Day 3

You are two days away from starting your detox. How do you feel? Feel free to share your thoughts, expectations and fears in your private Facebook Community.

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Going food shopping. Use the shopping list you made or the one included in your Detox Guide.
  2. Remind yourself of What to Expect on a Detox on page 16 of your Detox Guide. It’s important to know how your body may feel as you go through the week.
  3. Check out how to reduce any detox symptoms on pages 16-18 of your Detox Guide. You may want to write down in a small notepad some of the suggestions to keep with you throughout your busy day.

Detoxing – What to Expect

Whether you have done one hundred detoxes or none- you may experience some shifts, changes or symptoms occurring in your body.

Check out pages 16-18 of your Detox Guide for Detox Support Tools. Here you’ll see what to expect and how to help yourself throughout the detox.

You may experience:

  • itchy skin
  • mood dips or swings
  • skin breakouts
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • achiness
  • bloating
  • dry skin/mouth
  • constipation/diarrhea

Don’t fret your worried mind- these symptoms shouldn’t last more than 2-3 days. Once you get through the cloud- you can feel the sun! 😉

Private Facebook Community

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Email Support

As part of your detox, you have unlimited email access to me! If you have questions, concerns or want someone else to celebrate with you- feel free to email me!

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