Girl Power Playlist

I’ve always loved music. I have a taste for everything from Baroque, Classical and Soundscapes to Hard Rock, Rap and 80s Pop. I often create playlists to match my mood. Sometimes, as a kick-ass woman and business owner, I like my music to pep me up, motivate me and reaffirm my love of being a woman. And really- who wants a dangly thing between their legs?! Not me. Enjoy the following playlist of some of my favourite Girl Power songs to increase your confidence!

Go have a fab day, badass.


  1. Danica F

    Yes another energy booster is great rite now cuz……… we just bought a house!!!!!!!!! Thank you for you positive attitude n emails ♡

    1. Congrats on the house Danica!! That’s very exciting. So glad you enjoy them. Have a fab day! 🙂

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