Detox Day 7

Transitioning Out of Detox

You are SO CLOSE!! Way to go, [wlm_firstname], you really are a Hormone Diva. 😀

It’s time to start thinking about how you will transition out of the detox and back into your regular life. Below I’ve outlined three steps to get you going.

  1. Food Diary: Use the Food Diary PDF for 1 – 2 weeks after the detox. Record not only what you’ve eaten, but how you feel. This will give you clues to food sensitivities, and possible connections between food, your cycle and symptoms.
  2. Add food groups one by one. You’ve taken a lot out of your diet this week, including dairy, gluten and sugar cane. In order for your food diary to really be helpful, add in one food group every 3 days. This way, you know if dairy is bothersome, or if gluten causes you symptoms. Adding foods back one by one will also slowly allow your system to get used to those foods again- after all, you may not be sensitive to many (or any!) See an example of this below.
    1. Post Detox Day 1-3: Dairy products
    2. Post Detox Day 4-6: Gluten/Wheat Products
    3. Post Detox Day 7-9: Sugar Cane
  3. Be kind to yourself. You’ve done a lot of work this week to get you closer to your vision. This Detox is a big stepping stone in the right direction. But- shit happens. Life gets in the way, and we forget our healthy lifestyle even with the best intentions. This is why I’ve included the below section on long-term maintenance tips. Keep the momentum going!

Long-Term Maintenance Tips

Meal Plan + Prep.

Using the Blank Meal Planner included as part of the detox, or some fancy app if you’re into that- start planning your weekly meals. Even if it’s only dinner. Choosing recipes and planning meals will not only save you time, but also money. Old food won’t go to waste because you don’t know what to cook and decide to get take out fast food instead. Once you have your meal plan, go shopping! And as much as possible, prep your meals ahead of time. I usually do this on Sundays, chopping veggies, making granola, taking meats out of the freezer, doing up a pot of soup or a big salad, etc. It saves me hours of work during the week, and ensures I have quality nutrition right at my finger tips!

Clean out the Fridge.

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.

It’s important for our health and our wallets to pay attention to what we eat. If we have junky food laying in the cupboard or old take-out in the fridge, we will naturally gravitate to these foods because of their addictive, convenience (and often delicious!) qualities. It took me a long time to implement this step- I kept a junk food cupboard for a long time. Or I would bake “healthy” treats, and convince myself it was okay because I made it at home. After awhile I realized that I will, 100% without fail, grab the fast/easy/cheap/junky food before anything that needs preparation or cooking. So, I slowly got rid of (meaning ate the last of) this stuff and just never replaced it. It brings me a sense of pride and calm knowing I can nourish myself with the foods in my kitchen.

Get a big ol’ black garbage bag and start dumping.

Look in your cupboards- are they full of boxes and bags? Toss them! What about your fridge? Do you have outdated food, take-out containers or other processed meals? Get rid of those, too. Anything that doesn’t resemble something that came from the earth (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meats) should be put in the trash. If you have good food in your house, you’ll eat good food! It’s pretty simple. And if you have that treat drawer (or cupboard!) that you have a hard time staying away from despite your best efforts, get rid of that too.You will feel A-MAZING by dumping all that clutter and bad-for-you foods.

Get off your BUTT.

This is another one we’ve all had trouble with at one time or another- exercise! Move your body little by little. An example of this might be setting a 30-minute timer, and when that timer goes off, get up for 5 minutes and do something active. This helps you from becoming glued to your chair at the office or in front of the TV.

If you want to start an exercise regime, start slow. Try 1-2x per week. Schedule it in. Put on your workout clothes and lock yourself in the room for 20 minutes. Or put in your headphones, go for a walk and don’t come back until your playlist is over. You WILL get to working out 3-5x per week (if that’s what you want)- but take your time. Slow and steady wins the race.


When making any changes, it’s important to do them step-by-step, even if it takes you longer. You may have lots of goals- for diet, exercise, stress management, hormone balance, weight loss or whatever- but trying to fix them all at once is setting yourself up for failure. Think about this right now.

Out of ALL your goals for getting healthy/happy, which one sounds the most fun to you? Whatever popped into your head first is what you should try. Try it for a week, then add in the next thing you want to try. And so on. It really works- I swear! This is the ONLY way I would have ever been able to manage my PCOS, run a business, INCREASE my energy & moods, plus keep my relationships happy and social life going.

Keep Accountable.

Accountability may be the last item on the list but is certainly not the least important. In fact- it’s the MOST important thing that will keep you on track. We only get out of life (and goals) what we put into it. That means regularly taking stock of goals, progress and next steps. The bigger the investment you make (for both time & money), the more you will value your progress and continue making strides. Part of this is having someone you can be accountable to. And your spouse or best friend is not always the best idea! Life gets busy, and their priorities might not be helping you get healthy.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel supported and accountable by women with similar goals and a professional? I have your answer, and it’s below.

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