Detox Day 3

Vision and Power Questions

Remember the Vision Board and Power Questions you did on Prep Day 2?

It’s time to revisit them!

Look at your Vision Board. You are almost halfway through the detox now. Do you feel like your actions so far are inline with your vision? If not, what can you do today to bring yourself even a teensy bit closer?

Now have a read of your power questions. Have you done any work to reduce the obstacles in your way? Do you feel your motivation for doing this program deep in your bones? If not, what can you do today to bring yourself closer?


Detox Your Emotions

As I learned from one of my teachers, Jessica Drummond, the emphasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the fall and winter is supporting the lungs and colon. In TCM, the lungs and colon are tied to the emotions of sadness and grief.

Awareness of this will help you transform your grief and sadness into hope. And gosh darn it, hope is just so sustaining to the soul, isn’t it?

Once you have become aware, the next step is to find a healthy way to express it. Consider journaling, psychotherapy, opening up to a friend or family member, or private coaching if you feel stuck. A good cry will also help to relieve some of this stagnant energy- so let those tears flow!

Meditation can also be helpful with this, so check out this one for grounding your energy and this one for grief and sadness.

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