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THANK YOU for participating in the beta-test of the Happy Hormones Project Detox program.

On this page, you will find ALL of the content that you received during your detox, including materials. You can come back and access this for life.



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Detox Guide

Detox Recipes

7-Day Suggested Meals

Blank Meal Planner

Food Diary

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Detox Preparation Day 1

Over the next 4 days, I will be sharing the steps you need to take to prepare yourself in body, mind and spirit for the detox to come.

Today, begin your Detox journey by:

  1. Reading your Detox Guide and Success Kit. The Success Kit is found at the end of the Detox Guide.
  2. Listening to the Kick-Off Call Recording.

Detox Preparation Day 2

Today you are one day closer to your goal. One day closer to your dream life.

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Making your own meal plan and shopping list or printing the done-for-you meal plan and shopping list included in your 7-Day Suggest Meals Guide. You may want to start prepping some food as well.
  2. Do your Vision Board and Power Questions found starting on page 21 in your Detox Guide.

Meal Planning

Get your done-for-you Meal Plan + Shopping List in your 7-Day Suggested Meals Guide.

OR create your own meal plan with the Blank Meal Planner.

Meal Planning is important to the success of any healthy journey. We are all busy and often planning ahead is the only way to maintain the lifestyle you love and deserve.

Use the tools you learn in the detox to maintain your meal planning. Once a week, decide on your meals and make a shopping list. Stick to that list (it will save you money and inches on your waistline) and prep at much of that as you can.

Cut up your veggies. Marinate or prep your meats. Make some grain-free muffins, or other on-the-go snack items. Mix a salad dressing. You get the idea.

Vision Board and Power Questions

I have been using vision boards for several years now. I like to create one for each year, and post it up where I’ll see it every day. You can see in the picture below an example of one of my vision boards.

vision board robyn edited

The Power Questions found in your Detox Guide will help you become clearer on what your vision and goals for your body and life really are. Don’t skip these– just write freely and without judgement.

Detox Preparation Day 3

You are two days away from starting your detox. How do you feel? Feel free to share your thoughts, expectations and fears in your private Facebook Community.

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Going food shopping. Use the shopping list you made or the one included in your Detox Guide.
  2. Remind yourself of What to Expect on a Detox on page 14 of your Detox Guide. It’s important to know how your body may feel as you go through the week.
  3. Check out how to reduce any detox symptoms on pages 14-16 of your Detox Guide. You may want to write down in a small notepad some of the suggestions to keep with you throughout your busy day.
  4. Have you completed your first Beta-Tester Feedback Questionnaire? If not, do it here.

Detoxing – What to Expect

Whether you have done one hundred detoxes or none- you may experience some shifts, changes or symptoms occurring in your body.

Check out pages 14-16 of your Detox Guide for Detox Support Tools. Here you’ll see what to expect and how to help yourself throughout the detox.

You may experience:

  • itchy skin
  • mood dips or swings
  • skin breakouts
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • achiness
  • bloating
  • dry skin/mouth
  • constipation/diarrhea

Don’t fret your worried mind- these symptoms shouldn’t last more than 2-3 days. Once you get through the cloud- you can feel the sun! 😉

Detox Preparation Day 3

You are two days away from starting your detox. How do you feel? Feel free to share your thoughts, expectations and fears in your private Facebook Community.

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Going food shopping. Use the shopping list you made or the one included in your Detox Guide.
  2. Remind yourself of What to Expect on a Detox on page 14 of your Detox Guide. It’s important to know how your body may feel as you go through the week.
  3. Check out how to reduce any detox symptoms on pages 14-16 of your Detox Guide. You may want to write down in a small notepad some of the suggestions to keep with you throughout your busy day.
  4. Have you completed your first Beta-Tester Feedback Questionnaire? If not, do it here.

Detoxing – What to Expect

Whether you have done one hundred detoxes or none- you may experience some shifts, changes or symptoms occurring in your body.

Check out pages 14-16 of your Detox Guide for Detox Support Tools. Here you’ll see what to expect and how to help yourself throughout the detox.

You may experience:

  • itchy skin
  • mood dips or swings
  • skin breakouts
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • achiness
  • bloating
  • dry skin/mouth
  • constipation/diarrhea

Don’t fret your worried mind- these symptoms shouldn’t last more than 2-3 days. Once you get through the cloud- you can feel the sun! 😉

Detox Preparation Day 4

One day to go, [wlm_firstname]!

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Prepping your meals and snacks as much as possible. Refer to Prep Day 2 for more details and suggestions of how to do this.
  2. Revisit your Vision Board and Power Questions. Remind yourself of your goals, and the big WHY behind your journey.
  3. Finish any other preparation YOU feel you might need for the week to lighten your load. This may include making your first quart of Detox Tea if you are a GOLD or PLATINUM Detoxer. Make space in your days as you will be receiving daily knowledge dropping to help you connect the state of your health + hormones to your happiness and life vision. It’s all connected!

Detox Day 1

Food Diary

As part of the Detox, you have received a Blank Food Diary. I encourage you to use the food diary for the entire detox, and for awhile afterward. Using a food diary will help you to:

  • Monitor the types and amounts of food you eat
  • Connect physical symptoms like bloating, fatigue and mood problems with what you eat (or don’t eat!)
  • Allow you to tune into your body and hear what it has to say

Find more information about using a Food Diary to your advantage on page 19 of your Detox Guide.

Blood Sugar Balance + Hormones

With any hormonal imbalance, regulating your blood sugar is the first thing to focus on- which is why we’re talking about it on Day 1!

The sugar in our blood comes from our food. Your body’s job is to break down food and turn it into usable energy for your cells (aka glucose). As the sugars travel through the blood stream and come upon their destination (individual cells) the hormone insulin unlocks the door to the cell so the sugar can get in.

If you have a hormonal imbalance, or blood sugar problems like hypoglycaemia, prediabetes, insulin resistance, diabetes or metabolic syndrome- then insulin isn’t able to unlock the cell for glucose to get in.

When this happens, your body produces more and more insulin to try an unlock those cells, without success. You end up having lots of sugar and insulin floating around your bloodstream- and this is bad news.

Having a consistent flow of energy (glucose) to your cells throughout the day is of key importance for proper hormone production and metabolism. Without it, your body isn’t able to produce or use hormones properly.

This detox focuses on balancing your blood sugar and insulin with regular meals, and lots of healthy protein, fat and fibre. Once you have finished the detox program, making sure to include protein, fat and fibre with your meals + snacks will keep your blood sugar stable throughout the whole day.

Curbing Cravings

Anytime you make a diet change, you may experience cravings for certain foods. This happens for two main reasons:

  1. You are deficient in some nutrients
  2. Your blood sugar is not properly balanced

You may experience cravings during your detox as your remove the foods your body is used to and introduce others. See below for my top ways to curb those cravings!

  1. Are you hydrated? Are you stressed out? Are you bored? Answer these questions and take action on them to reduce cravings. This could mean a big glass of water, some yoga/meditation or a new hobby to kick that evening boredom.
  2. When was the last time you ate? And what did you eat? If you haven’t eaten for several hours or didn’t eat a well-balanced meal (fat, protein + fibre) then you may have cravings. Eat a nourishing meal or have one of the many snack ideas from your Detox Recipes. If after 30 minutes, you still feel an intense craving- you may be low in certain nutrients, so move on to #3.
  3. Cravings for certain specific foods can indicated a deficiency in specific nutrients. See below for a list of cravings + nutrients needed. Consume foods high in your needed nutrients to reduce cravings. Check out this website for foods with each of the below nutrients.

Chocolate – Magnesium

Sweets/Dairy – Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorous, Sulfur, Tryptophan

Bread/Toast – Nitrogen (protein)

Oily Snacks/Fatty Foods – Calcium

Salty Foods – Chloride (your adrenals are stressed and you need good quality salt!)

Soda/Carbonation – Calcium

Overeating – Silicon, Tryptophan, Tyrosine

Detox Day 2

Detox Your Liver for Happy Hormones

[wlm_firstname], it’s time to love your liver!

The liver essentially acts like a sewage treatment plant in your body. Constantly bustling, the liver filters everything that we put into and on our bodies. Once our liver has separated out the nutrients and other compounds we need, it readies the waste to be removed from the body (through your pee and poo!).

If your liver isn’t working properly, your hormones can’t either! Through the two phases of liver detoxification, hormones are metabolized and excreted.

This detox has a focus on liver-health foods, such as:

  • brassica vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, etc)
  • lemons
  • beets and carrots
  • garlic and onions
  • apples
  • healthy fats like olive oil and coconut oil
  • nuts/seeds
  • avocados

To understand fully the role your liver plays in your overall health and hormones, download your copy of the Detox Your Liver for Happy Hormones PDF.

Download PDF

Exercise for Detox and Happy Hormones

While you may be feeling fatigued or sluggish still on Day 2, it’s still important to move your body. If you do not exercise (at all or with consistency) or find that you just don’t have the stamina for exercise- it’s time to listen to your body (and give it a stern talking-to!).

Regular movement and activity is so helpful for your hormones because:

  • it helps you detox through skin + sweat, and tones the muscles of the GI tract for optimal internal detoxification
  • it removes stagnation from your reproductive organs that may be gunked-up without proper blood flow (causing lack of ovulation, painful + irregular cycles, or hot flashes + no libido, etc)
  • you will maintain or release weight with ease because of the sexy lean muscle you’ll tone
  • stress reduction- a leading cause of hormonal imbalance
  • improved immunity (double immune bonus if you exercise outside for Vitamin D) through jiggling of your lymphatic system

Activity Suggestions:

  1. T-Tapp– my new obsession. 15 minutes and done? Yes please!
  2. HIIT Training which you can see examples of here, here, here and here.
  3. Yoga- if you are new to it, check out this free 30 Day Yoga Challenge.
  4. Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, walking, or interval jogging.

While you are on the detox, aim for at least 10-15 minutes of movement outside of your normal activities. As you begin to feel stronger, increase the intensity of your workout like using HIIT training, but keep the duration short. Once you feel ready (and this may take a few months) you can increase the duration as well, though don’t renege on your intensity.

Detox Day 3

Vision and Power Questions

Remember the Vision Board and Power Questions you did on Prep Day 2?

It’s time to revisit them!

Look at your Vision Board. You are almost halfway through the detox now. Do you feel like your actions so far are inline with your vision? If not, what can you do today to bring yourself even a teensy bit closer?

Now have a read of your power questions. Have you done any work to reduce the obstacles in your way? Do you feel your motivation for doing this program deep in your bones? If not, what can you do today to bring yourself closer?


Detox Your Emotions

As I learned from one of my teachers, Jessica Drummond, the emphasis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for the fall is supporting the lungs and colon. In TCM, the lungs and colon are tied to the emotions of sadness and grief.

Before getting into the jumble of the holiday season, schedule in some time on a regular (read: as much as possible) basis to be still and become aware of any sadness or grief you may be holding on to.

This awareness will help you transform your grief and sadness into hope. And gosh darn it, hope is just so sustaining to the soul, isn’t it?

Once you have become aware, the next step is to find a healthy way to express it. Consider journaling, psychotherapy, opening up to a friend or family member, or private coaching if you feel stuck. A good cry will also help to relieve some of this stagnant energy- so let those tears flow!

Meditation can also be helpful with this, so check out this one for grounding your energy and this one for grief and sadness.

Detox Day 4

Estrogen Dominance

What the heck is it?

Estrogen dominance is by far the most common hormonal imbalance. Women with estrogen dominance have way too much estrogen in relation to progesterone. Even if you have low estrogen levels, you can still be estrogen dominant if your progesterone is extremely low.


  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Fibrocystic Breasts or Uterine Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding with clotting or irregular cycles
  • Excessive weight gain in the belly, butt and thighs
  • Tender breasts and cyclical water retention/bloating
  • Allergies
  • Fatigue + foggy thinking
  • PMS
  • Mood swings + irritability

Why it’s bad for you

Estrogen dominance comes about for a few reasons.

  1. Toxicity: if you use a lot of chemical-based personal care + household cleaning products, you are absorbing/inhaling xenoestrogens which are man-made estrogens that wreak havoc on your hormonal system. Xenoestrogens are also found in plastics, like BPA, which you may have heard of.
  2. Sluggish Elimination: If your body is burdened by toxins, your organs of elimination, including your liver, kidneys and bowels; become overloaded. They aren’t able to metabolize and excrete hormones as they should. This leads to excess estrogen building-up in the body, specifically being stored in fat cells in the belly, butt and thigh areas.
  3. Stress: When you are stressed, so are your hormones. In fact, sex and stress hormones are both made from the same precursor- Cholesterol! So, if you are full of stress, the cholesterol and other hormone-producers will be used to make stress hormones, not sex hormones. This means that progesterone specifically becomes very low, while estrogen and cortisol are allowed to proliferate.

A few other reasons for estrogen dominance include Hormone Replacement Therapy and/or Birth Control Pill use, obesity, glandular dysfunction and a diet lacking in fibre and healthy fats.

Estrogen – Detox Connection

As you can see from the above, being toxic and full of excess hormones causes serious hormonal imbalances. In order to fix this and prevent it from happening in the future, cleansing your organs is non-negotiable.

To do this properly, you must detox your liver. Have a look at your Detox Your Liver for Happy Hormones handout for full information on the liver connection to your hormones.

Self-Care + Stress Management

Stress rears its ugly head to all of us on a constant basis. Do you ever wonder why some people can take stress and still be floating along, seemingly unaffected when your shoulders are up at your ears, your fists are clenched and your jaw is like steel?

It’s all in how we react to perceived stresses that counts.

As I mentioned earlier, chronic stress leads to a decrease in progesterone production, causing a whole host of hormonal issues. This is why I always encourage women to do as much self-care as possible. For you, that might mean 5 minutes when you wake and 5 minutes before bed. Or maybe you have a few hours during the weekend.

Take a look at your schedule- where can you fit it in? Pencil in some self-care time RIGHT NOW.


Below are some fun examples of self-care practices you can do in a few minutes, or a few hours.

  • Yoga
  • Meditation/Deep Breathing
  • Adult colouring books
  • Spending time outdoors in nature + sunshine
  • Reading a juicy romance novel
  • Having an orgasm (that romance novel might help set the mood!)
  • Taking a hot bath
  • Painting your nails (with formaldehyde-free nail polish, of course!)
  • Stretching
  • Gardening
  • Listening to music or playing music
  • Visit my Self-Care Pinterest Board for more ideas


Detox Day 5

Probiotics, Gut Health + Your Hormones

You may have noticed in your Detox Guide that I mention probiotics. In case you aren’t familiar, probiotics are friendly or ‘good’ bacteria that essentially reside in every inch of your body. There are actually more bacteria in and on your body than human cells! So we have to keep these guys happy.

Probiotics balance health in so many ways, including:

  • Promoting optimal digestion
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Regulating the immune system (stimulating secretion of IgA and regulatory T cells)
  • Preventing overgrowth of candida (yeast) + parasites
  • Reducing symptoms of environmental allergies and food sensitivities
  • Producing vitamins B12 + K2
  • Creating enzymes to destroy ‘bad’ bacteria
  • Reducing skin irritations like acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Assist weight loss
  • Metabolize and recycle hormones like estrogen and thyroid hormone

These are literally just a few of the many ways probiotics are beneficial to health. Probiotics are fantastic because you can take them as a supplement, or you can get them through various fermented foods. I encourage you to sample some of these foods and see which ones you like. Try to include some form of probiotic food in your diet every day, even if you take a supplement.

Food sources differ from supplements in that the strains of probiotics are wider and more varied, giving you beneficial organisms for many purposes within the body. Food sources of course are natural, and contain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the food they are contained within. I have bolded my personal favourites in the list below.

Food Sources:

  • Raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar (like Bragg’s)
  • Raw, unpasateurized saurerkraut and pickles
  • Kombucha (fermented tea)
  • Water kefir
  • Coconut kefir
  • Coconut yogurt
  • Kimchi
  • Beet kvass

Choosing a Supplement

Be aware of the following information when choosing a probiotic supplement.

  1. Between 15 to 100 billion CFUs (Colony Forming Units)
  2. Non-dairy probiotics (meaning the bacteria was NOT grown on a dairy medium)
  3. Multi-strain- preferably find one with between 8-30 strains
  4. Storage- for everyday, choose a probiotic that requires refrigeration. If you are travelling, choose a shelf stable variety (although these are often very low in CFUs and strain diversity)

Detox Day 6

Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities/intolerances are very popular in the media right now, and for good reason. Many of us have food sensitivities we don’t even know about because you don’t have the same anaphylactic or ‘allergic’ response.

The most common food sensitivities are:

  • Dairy
  • Gluten/Wheat
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Sugar Cane
  • Tomatoes

You can essentially become sensitive to any food. The reason this happens is that over time, with poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress, the tight junctions of cells lining your GI tract aren’t so tight anymore. This means that undigested food particles are getting into your bloodstream. This is bad news because your body isn’t supposed to deal with this, and you get a immune response- your body creates inflammation which causes you uncomfortable symptoms.

This is why I’ve included the food diary as part of the detox. As you are almost done the detox, it’s time to start paying attention to how you feel when you eat certain foods.

Some signs you may have a sensitivity:

  • Moodiness, brain fog + headaches
  • Food cravings
  • Fatigue
  • Heartburn
  • Joint pain
  • Acne, rosacea, dark under-eye circles
  • Gas, bloating + constipation
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, blood in stool
  • Nervousness, migraines + eating disorders

I encourage you to continue the food diary for AT LEAST one week post-detox. Notice how your symptoms coincide (or don’t) with the foods you’re eating. As you add back in food you stopped eating before the detox, pay close attention to how you feel. You might need to reduce or eliminate a certain food(s) for awhile!

Detox Day 7

Transitioning Out of Detox

You are SO CLOSE!! Way to go, [wlm_firstname], you really are a Hormone Diva. 😀

It’s time to start thinking about how you will transition out of the detox and back into your regular life. Below I’ve outlined three steps to get you going.

  1. Food Diary: Use the Food Diary PDF for 1 – 2 weeks after the detox. Record not only what you’ve eaten, but how you feel. This will give you clues to food sensitivities, and possible connections between food, your cycle and symptoms.
  2. Add food groups one by one. You’ve taken a lot out of your diet this week, including dairy, gluten and sugar cane. In order for your food diary to really be helpful, add in one food group every 3 days. This way, you know if dairy is bothersome, or if gluten causes you symptoms. Adding foods back one by one will also slowly allow your system to get used to those foods again- after all, you may not be sensitive to many (or any!) See an example of this below.
    1. Post Detox Day 1-3: Dairy products
    2. Post Detox Day 4-6: Gluten/Wheat Products
    3. Post Detox Day 7-9: Sugar Cane
  3. Be kind to yourself. You’ve done a lot of work this week to get you closer to your vision. This Detox is a big stepping stone in the right direction. But- shit happens. Life gets in the way, and we forget our healthy lifestyle even with the best intentions. This is why I’ve included the below section on long-term maintenance tips. Keep the momentum going!

Long-Term Maintenance Tips

Meal Plan + Prep.

Using the Blank Meal Planner included as part of the detox, or some fancy app if you’re into that- start planning your weekly meals. Even if it’s only dinner. Choosing recipes and planning meals will not only save you time, but also money. Old food won’t go to waste because you don’t know what to cook and decide to get take out fast food instead. Once you have your meal plan, go shopping! And as much as possible, prep your meals ahead of time. I usually do this on Sundays, chopping veggies, making granola, taking meats out of the freezer, doing up a pot of soup or a big salad, etc. It saves me hours of work during the week, and ensures I have quality nutrition right at my finger tips!

Clean out the Fridge.

If you keep good food in your fridge, you will eat good food.

It’s important for our health and our wallets to pay attention to what we eat. If we have junky food laying in the cupboard or old take-out in the fridge, we will naturally gravitate to these foods because of their addictive, convenience (and often delicious!) qualities. It took me a long time to implement this step- I kept a junk food cupboard for a long time. Or I would bake “healthy” treats, and convince myself it was okay because I made it at home. After awhile I realized that I will, 100% without fail, grab the fast/easy/cheap/junky food before anything that needs preparation or cooking. So, I slowly got rid of (meaning ate the last of) this stuff and just never replaced it. It brings me a sense of pride and calm knowing I can nourish myself with the foods in my kitchen.

Get a big ol’ black garbage bag and start dumping.

Look in your cupboards- are they full of boxes and bags? Toss them! What about your fridge? Do you have outdated food, take-out containers or other processed meals? Get rid of those, too. Anything that doesn’t resemble something that came from the earth (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, meats) should be put in the trash. If you have good food in your house, you’ll eat good food! It’s pretty simple. And if you have that treat drawer (or cupboard!) that you have a hard time staying away from despite your best efforts, get rid of that too.You will feel A-MAZING by dumping all that clutter and bad-for-you foods.

Get off your BUTT.

This is another one we’ve all had trouble with at one time or another- exercise! Move your body little by little. An example of this might be setting a 30-minute timer, and when that timer goes off, get up for 5 minutes and do something active. This helps you from becoming glued to your chair at the office or in front of the TV.

If you want to start an exercise regime, start slow. Try 1-2x per week. Schedule it in. Put on your workout clothes and lock yourself in the room for 20 minutes. Or put in your headphones, go for a walk and don’t come back until your playlist is over. You WILL get to working out 3-5x per week (if that’s what you want)- but take your time. Slow and steady wins the race.


When making any changes, it’s important to do them step-by-step, even if it takes you longer. You may have lots of goals- for diet, exercise, stress management, hormone balance, weight loss or whatever- but trying to fix them all at once is setting yourself up for failure. Think about this right now.

Out of ALL your goals for getting healthy/happy, which one sounds the most fun to you? Whatever popped into your head first is what you should try. Try it for a week, then add in the next thing you want to try. And so on. It really works- I swear! This is the ONLY way I would have ever been able to manage my PCOS, run a business, INCREASE my energy & moods, plus keep my relationships happy and social life going.

Keep Accountable.

Accountability may be the last item on the list but is certainly not the least important. In fact- it’s the MOST important thing that will keep you on track. We only get out of life (and goals) what we put into it. That means regularly taking stock of goals, progress and next steps. The bigger the investment you make (for both time & money), the more you will value your progress and continue making strides. Part of this is having someone you can be accountable to. And your spouse or best friend is not always the best idea! Life gets busy, and their priorities might not be helping you get healthy.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to feel supported and accountable by women with similar goals and a professional? I have your answer, and it’s below.


You finished the Happy Hormones Project Detox! How does it feel? Are you feeling stronger, more vibrant and healthy? Ready to take on the world?

Well that’s freaking awesome because I’d love to connect more with you along your journey! I would like to invite you to join my new Monthly Group Q+A Calls!

Monthly Group Q+A Calls

Keep the detox momentum going! Starting in November 2015, I will begin hosting two opportunities per month for you to get a little coaching.

What does this mean for you?

  • Get a little health coaching every month
  • If you have questions or health concerns, you can ask me on the call
  • If you want to discover more about health + hormones, you can on the call
  • If you want a community of accountability and open-minded support, you’ll find it on the call!

For just $7 per month, you can jump on one or both of these calls!

As a Q+A Call community member, you’ll also receive the recording of every call in case you can’t make it. Listen to it at your leisure- I’m willing to bet someone else has the same questions you do!

Calls will take place on the second Tuesday of the month at 1:00PM + 8:00PM EST.

What do you need to do to join?

  1. Subscribe here. You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  2. Download the 2015-2016 Call Schedule.
  3. Check out the call Q+A Call FAQ.


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