15 Best Healthy Snack Recipes for Balanced Hormones


Almond-Thins-healthylivinghowto.com_-826x432Almond Thins from Healthy Living How To

I have made this recipe tons of times. It’s super simple and quick. Using almond flour instead of wheat flour gets rid of that hormone-interfering gluten and provides a tasty base for lots of healthy spreads and dips.


cashewsSpicy Roasted Cashews from Fed and Fit

I LOVE cashews. They are creamy and rich, and never fail to satisfy. Healthy fats coming from nuts like cashews are very important for irritability, mood swings, fatigue, bloating and more of those ugly PMS-type symptoms. Bonus- these nuts have rosemary, known for it’s ability to balance hormones in women.


key lime popsiclesKey Lime Popsicles from Mommypotamus

Key lime pie is one of my favourite desserts. But it’s full of sugar and gluten (in the crust) and possibly other additives if you buy it pre-made. These popsicles are a fantastic replacement! Not only that, they contain coconut oil and milk as well as avocado, all containing fats to help create healthy menstrual cycles, increase fertility and balance blood sugar. Coconut products are also fantastic for supporting the thyroid, and preventing candida overgrowth.


APPLE-COOKIES-from-Rachel-Schultz-3Apple Cookies from Rachel Schultz

This is a play on a snack I’ve been eating for-ev-er!!! Putting some healthy fat and protein with your sweet fruits will prevent your blood sugar from spiking. These are great snacks to keep you feeling full between meals. Apples also contain calcium-d-glucarate, which can lower excessive estrogen levels.


EggCups6On-the-Go Baked Egg Nests from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Eggs are pretty much the perfect food (if you aren’t allergic!). They contain good quantities of protein and fats, and if you purchase free-run eggs, you’ll be getting lots of vitamin A and D in there as well. Plus, eggs contain sulfur and lipotropic factor, important compounds for our lives to be able to filter toxins and hormones, as well as assisting in weight loss. Eggs are also a PMS superfood!


almond-butter-and-banana-open-sandwich01Almond Butter and Banana Open Sandwich from Tales of a Kitchen

Another play on a great snack- these are perfect for the same reasons as the Apple Cookies. Choose green-tipped bananas for less of a sugary hit.


Vanilla-Raspberry-Chia-Pudding-NotEnoughCinnamon.com_Vanilla Raspberry Chia Pudding from Not Enough Cinnamon

Chia seeds make fantastic puddings. Especially if you like the texture of tapioca pudding. Quick to make and WAY healthier than regular pudding- this makes a great and filling snack. Chia seeds are also a PMS superfood.


roasted_garlic_kale_hummus_and_let_them_eat_kale_giveaway_heroRoasted Garlic Kale Hummus from Oh My Veggies

I love hummus. Plain or flavored like this one, it makes a fantastic snack. You can use the Almond Thins recipe above to dip! Kale is full of hormone balancing nutrients, including Magnesium, Vitamin K and C plus B Vitamins. Garlic is known for it’s anti-septic qualities, helping to build your immune system and keep candida at bay.


apple parfaitPaleo Strawberry Apple Parfait from Stupid Easy Paleo

Here are apples, showing up again. That calcium-d-glucarate is an important compound for PMS and other hormonal imbalances. She’s also included coconut, another hormone superfood. This would be a great post-BBQ dessert.


maca2Maca Truffles from Mary Vance, NC

Superfood truffles or balls are the best. They are easy to make, and great for taking on-the-go. No more need for that afternoon candy bar! Maca is another PMS (and menopause!) superfood. DISCLAIMER: Maca is not suitable for women with PCOS, as it is androgenic and may increase testosterone.


avopudding-1-2Chocolate Avocado Pudding from How Sweet It Is

For awhile I was eating a version of this for breakfast every day. It’s of course a great snack and dessert as well. Avocados have lots of healthy fats, as well as B vitamins that are essential for balancing hormones, mood and weight. Having it taste like chocolate is just a bonus!


kale chipsZesty Baked Kale Chips from A Spicy Perspective

Here’s kale coming up again! Kale chips are actually addictive, and I highly recommend trying them if you haven’t yet. They aren’t at all the fibrous, bitter greens once they’ve been crisped in the oven. Great for making sure kids get their greens too!


vanilla-roasted-walnuts-DSC_34341Vanilla Roasted Walnuts from Elana’s Pantry

Walnuts are chock-full of those wonderful Omega-3s, which build our immune system, balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation and hormonal imbalance symptoms of PMS and menopause. One of my favourite nuts, give these a try for a more flavorful take on the plain nut.


Almond-Protein-Bars-New-WmkGrain-Free Protein Bars from Whole New Mom

While I don’t believe that most people should be 100% grain-free, I am a supporter of limiting this food group. Most of the grains we consume today are doctored and hard to digest. Reducing your grain consumption is helpful for thyroid-balancing, bloating, water retention and weight gain, as well as skin breakouts and mood swings.


kale and pear smoothieSpinach, Kale and Pear Smoothie from With Style and Grace

More kale!!! And spinach, this time. Mixing up your greens is important so that you get all the various nutrients these wonder-foods contain. Green smoothies are a great pick-me-up and way to ensure you’re getting enough greens in your diet. Add some coconut oil and/or hemp seeds to make this blend more complete.

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