Why Conventional Treatments Don't Resolve Endometriosis and What To Do Instead | The Hormone Diva

Why Conventional Treatments Don’t Resolve Endometriosis and What To Do Instead

The Ultimate Endometriosis Checklist | The Hormone Diva

Guest Post by Melissa Turner.

When I first began my journey with having endometriosis, I really trusted in my surgeon and my Gynaecologist. I believed that he was a specialist in this field and that he knew endometriosis better than I could ever truly understand it – besides, I could barely pronounce endometriosis at the time … nevermind trying to figure out how to treat it!


I then proceeded to follow the advice of the best doctors, Gynaecologists and surgeons I could and listened to all their well-meaning advice. Over the next 15 years, I would go through a series of treatments, particularly hormone treatments. The aim was to stop the endometriosis growths and dull my hormones. Unfortunately, with every attempt, I simply experienced more side-effects. I gained weight, I felt moody a lot and developed a strange eye pain which no-one could ever treat – one doctor described it as having glass shards in my eye!


It was a tough time and I see many women put themselves through these treatments in a hope that they will alleviate their symptoms with endometriosis.


The truth was, they did alleviate some of my symptoms … some of the time…. but they never truly resolved my endometriosis. Each year, I would return to the operating table and have to have more surgery to remove the lesions that had grown within that time.


The sad reality was, I was also still experiencing pain and it was particularly bad when I had sex – a really hard thing to deal with when you are in your 20’s and “just want to have fun”.


All that I managed to achieve in that entire time was a slight reduction in symptoms but inevitably my life still consisted of going from surgery to surgery and pain-killers to pain-killers. I was on a wonderful merry-go-round of simply dealing with symptoms but at no point were we actually looking at endometriosis – straight up and asking it what and how to treat it properly?


So, after the last operation I would ever have (the seventh one), I couldn’t bear it anymore. My body was tired and I just didn’t think I could go through yet another one of those operations and also struggled with the huge financial burden it had on me.


Something had to change and it all began when I woke up after that last surgery, crying in tears because I just couldn’t believe that this was all there was….


I eventually crawled out of that hole and that dark place of feeling stuck and believing that I had little option. I went on a mission to figure out endo and figure out my body and what I could do – on my own – to treat it fully. I wasn’t going to rely on doctors or surgeons to give me advice… after all, a surgeon will surely tell me is to have more surgery!


My mission was to find a way to live pain & symptom-free of my stage 4 endometriosis and it took me 7 years to finally achieve it. I won’t say the road was easy but I am now in a place where endo doesn’t feature in my body. I can honestly say that I am empowered about my health and what I can personally do to manage endometriosis. It did take going back to college and studying Naturopathy but ultimately I figured it out!

The Ultimate Endometriosis Checklist | The Hormone Diva

Some key things I would like to share with women who have endometriosis is to know that there is hope and a way to move forward.


Here are some actionables, you can try to help you along your endo journey:

  • Avoid Dioxin exposure. Dioxin is typically found in pesticides and fungicides in products such as Roundup. Dioxin has been directly linked to causing endometriosis in monkeys, so it makes sense that we should definitely avoid this one! (Here is the research paper for you)
  • Move beyond dietary and lifestyle shifts. I personally noticed a huge correlation with my emotional healing and the importance of detailed cleansing of the body to truly shift the endometriosis imbalance within my own body. Find tools that allow you to release emotional trauma and stress from your body without the confrontational aspect of that. I prefer methods like EFT and TRE.
  • Address endometriosis on deeper layers than simply hormone imbalances. Many doctors and naturopaths simply focus on the hormonal side of endometriosis. Endometriosis is also now recognized as an auto-immune condition, so it is important to address this within your approach or to find someone who understands how to address endometriosis on this level.


Endometriosis is a complex condition but it is completely manageable using natural methods. After 7 years of research and having overcome Stage 4 endometriosis, I want you to know that it is possible for you too.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or insights on my website at www.endoempowered.com.

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Melissa has become one of the leading experts on endometriosis and how to manage it naturally. This experience came out of her own journey with struggling for over 15 years with stage 4 endometriosis and finally living a normal, pain & symptom free life. Her mission is to empower more women to manage endometriosis naturally so they can stop suffering and start living!



The Ultimate Endometriosis Checklist | The Hormone Diva


  1. Sally

    Hi great to read your story. Had endo for 10 years 5 surgeries and want to go natural but afraid. Do you have acupuncture? Thanks

    1. I don’t personally practice acupuncture but I do go for myself to a qualified practitioner and love it! I suggest googling practitioners in your area for treatment.

  2. aayzee

    Hi, how’s U? I wanna ask u how u manage ur endometriosis. I am also diagnosed with endo. Plz guide me too to deal with this havoc without surgery. Some home remedies or naturopathy

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