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The Diva Dishes

paint nite cat scene picture copy
My Paint Nite creation from November 2015
  1. I’ve rediscovered my love of creating. When I was a child, I did all things creative. I would spend HOURS in my basement painting, drawing, creating. I even painted the table I worked on 4 or 5 times with different scenes. My art time was my saviour. Throughout high school (and university as well), they kind of beat the creative out of you, and I lost touch with my love. Recently I’ve just been letting myself create- including going to Paint Nite. Have you heard of this? It’s some amazing shit where you pick from (literally tons) of ‘paint nites’ in your area for a picture you like. You go to a restaurant, and drink, eat and learn to paint. It’s bloody fantastic. Even as I’m writing this I’ll be heading out in a few hours to my second one.
  2. The holidays are getting me down, to tell you the truth. I’m missing my grandmother, who passed away from cancer in the spring. While I’m excited about it, because of the great (mostly healthy) food, and time with family- grieving while celebrating is kind of a mind fuck. It is absolutely NOT stopping me from wearing my many (mostly cat-themed) Christmas T-shirts! I’m a festive cat-loving nerd. And that’s awesome.

    On my mat, at the studio. Ahhh...
    On my mat, at the studio. Ahhh…
  3. My goals for next year are getting me super excited. You’re hearing it here first- one of my big goals is to practice yoga every. damn. day. For the whole year! 365 days of yoga, 365 days of saying YES! to me. Some other goals for myself are to learn the art of Fencing (already signed up), eat more sprouts (yum) and to blog more. So look out for that.
  4. My hair is always a source of concern for me. Having PCOS, hair loss is something I face daily. While I mostly have a handle on it, when my life gets too stressful, I tend to show it in falling hair. This being a really weird, grieving holiday season for me- my hair is unhappy. For a long time I stopped colouring it, and have kept it short, thinking this is what’s best for hair. TOO fucking bad. I’m sick of living in fear, or feeling held back from my hair. So I dyed it, for the first time in over a year. It feels great! I will not allow my hair to bring me down. My hair brings me joy. I feel happy and confident in my hair.


What are your goals for 2016? Will you be pushing your boundaries for growth and transformation?


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