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The Diva Dishes

Blah, blah, blah.

Do you know that’s often how I start writing? Even putting anything on the page like that can really get my creative juices flowing. Try it if you keep a journal- something will come out, just put pen to paper (or font to screen).

This past month has been my busiest ever as The Hormone Diva. I’m gearing up to take a secret group of ladies through a secret thing-a-ma-bob coming in January 2016. To me it’s like birthing a baby (and no, I don’t mean that literally- I’ve never had children and have no idea about that!) that is taking every last ounce of determination, willpower, and focus I have.

Not to mention that within a span of a month I will have been at two local expos, plus many podcast interviews and extra private coaching clients.

balanced life expo sept 2015
Me at the Balanced Life Expo on September 26!

Oh- and Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend!!! TURKEY. Mmmm. . .

Sometimes life sneaks up on you (me). 

I’ve also been experiencing almost constant dizziness for several weeks, due to a mold allergy which always seems to get worse in the fall!

How I’m dealing with it:

  • Saline/Probiotic nasal rinses daily
  • Daily ginger/cinnamon tea
  • Kombucha every. single. day. to keep my gut healthy and inflammation down
  • Air purifier- I recently bought this one and it arrived yesterday. I awoke this morning to MUCH less dizziness and that’s pretty flippin’ sweet.
  • Sublingual immunotherapy. I’m waiting on a shipment of some little vials that over time have the potential to completely eradicate my allergy, and that sounds like an excellent outcome.

In other news, look out for more of my potty mouth coming through in my blogs, newsletters, and other communications. I feel liberated and happy using those ‘naughty’ four-letter words. Fuck ya! Business and health doesn’t mean no fun. And no fucks. Because I give many fucks- about YOU, and me.

And lastly, PUMPKIN. I’m totally, 100% and unabashedly obsessed with pumpkin. Homemade pumpkin chai tea, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin hot cacao, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin muffins and more. Pumpkin has SO many health benefits, and if yo combine it into tasty (and healthy!) treats like I have, you can enjoy it for flavour and health.


What’s going on with you lately, Chica? Are you also on the pumpkin train? What treats have you been enjoying?

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