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The 80/20 Rule or Why I Won’t Give Up My Hair Colour


While I was picking blueberries last summer with my friend and fellow nutritionist Mary Cammisuli we started talking hair cuts and GMO corn. This got me thinking- balance in life is totally necessary. You can’t be all or nothing- you might explode!

I dye my hair. No, the colour isn’t natural. No, I don’t care. But I’m a holistic nutritionist! Key word there is holistic. Part of whole self-care is not caring every once in awhile. Dying my hair red makes me feel more me. Eating a couple cobs of GMO corn every summer makes me feel less neurotic.

This brings me to the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of the time, I eat well, exercise, say no to GMOs, harmful chemicals and sugar. But 20% of the time, I eat cupcakes, corn, dye my hair, paint my nails and laze on the couch.


How do you do this?


  1. Guilt less. If you “shouldn’t” eat this food or use this makeup or sit on this couch and you do, you might feel guilty. Send the guilt back into the universe, you don’t need it! Besides, everyone needs a day to laze around eating cupcakes watching trashy TV.
  2. 80. Try exercising, healthy eating, thinking positive thoughts and staying zen 80% of the time. This means, days of green smoothie breakfasts, salad lunches and stir frydinners. This means going for walks, lifting weights and doing yoga. This means smiling, staying positive and giving hugs.
  3. 20. Try taking naps, doing nothing, eating pizza and washing it down with garlic bread and cupcakes. This means, forgiving yourself for being lazy. This means enjoying every last greasy/sugary/fatty/carby bite of your favourite junk food. This means watching marathons of Criminal Minds just to look at Shemar Moore.


You need to do this! You are your best self when everything is in moderation, including moderation!Go forth and be your awesome self 100% of the time!


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