Mood Swing Woman

The #1 Symptom Holding You Back from Optimal Health

If I were to ask Women what their #1 biggest, most annoying symptom is, I guarantee 90% of them would say the same thing.


It wouldn’t be weight gain. It wouldn’t be food cravings or menstrual cramps. It wouldn’t even be bloating and low energy.


Sure, they probably have some or all of those things. But if you really looked at what is symptom is most affecting their physical and emotional health, work, relationships, self-esteem and general life-success. . .


You would discover that MOOD SWINGS are the #1 thing driving women crazy! (Pun intended!).


I see it all the time. Throughout the month (or even throughout the day), women experience ups and downs that may have their friends, family and partners calling them “crazy”, “bitchy”, “bipolar” and more! I know because this used to be me!


There was a time when my moods controlled my life. My wonderful boyfriend would say I was practically bipolar and couldn’t understand why I was happy one minute and hating myself the next. Well I am here to tell you that my moods are not who I truly am and they are not you!


You are a wonderful, beautiful, smart, sexy lady with a sunny disposition dying to get out! I’ve discovered a fool-proof way to achieve happiness, live on positive moods and ditch that Pissy Mood Syndrome for good!


Using diet, lifestyle and radical self-care tactics, you can go from moody to beauty easily!

Once you fix your moods, your world will open up and and all other health concerns will fade away. . .


  1. edith

    This is very informative thank you,im going through is awful life phase.
    I sweat during the day,just from nowhere sweat flows for like 5 to 10 minutes and goes..

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