Podcast Episode 22 cover

[Podcast E22] Cycle Syncing the Luteal Phase: A Live Coaching Session with Lannah Kayla

Doing a coaching session as a podcast episode was so FUN!

In this episode, I’m sharing :

  • A brief overview of the cycle and what each phase means & feels like (in a balanced & healthy state)
  • The vital first step to practicing Cycle Syncing
  • Live Coaching: Guiding Lannah to create a support strategy for all four phases, with a special emphasis on the Luteal Phase
  • The most important thing you can do to support the stormy Luteal Phase & PMS time
  • Foods for the Luteal Phase & prioritizing your life for an easier Luteal Phase

Connect with Lannah Kayla:

P.S. Rhythms, my course in Cycle Syncing for Menstrual Ease & Self-Connection opens in September 2022. Get on the waitlist to be the first to know when enrollment opens (& receive a special discount!) here: https://thehormonediva.ck.page/5bc8c73f68

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