[Podcast E17] Using Play to Heal


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What did you LOVE to do as a little girl?

For me, it was reading and painting for hours on end. Those things brought me incredible joy! It felt so fun, so light, so alive!

When was the last time you played?

Play has a very important role in healing (physically, mentally, emotionally), and let’s be honest – most of us aren’t thinking about play when we’re struggling in our bodies. 

It becomes all too easy to focus only on what we eat or the supplements we take. 

In this episode of the podcast I’m sharing:

  • An easy way to discern what PLAY means to you now
  • How we’re conditioned away from play – and the perfectionism
  • Constant busyness and burnout that result
  • PLAY as a mantra for your follicular phase (or the waxing moon phase)
  • Why you’re naturally more playful in your follicular phase – and how to harness this for more ease, fun, flow, confidence and healing in your life

I’m so excited to share this episode with you! 

P.S. Connection is a totally new way of using your menstrual cycle to find ease in your body, flow in your life and confidence in yourself. 

Health and well-being are more than the foods you eat and supplements you take – it’s about learning to show up for yourself in an empowered way that leads to results and feelings of connection, playfulness and relief. 

Using the distinct phases of your menstrual cycle (or lunar cycle if you aren’t cycling regularly) creates a state of relaxed confidence and health without forcing, restricting or punishing. 

Connection will change how you feel in your body and show up in your life forever. 

Connection is open for you. 

DM me on Instagram or send me an email at robyn@thehormonediva.com for full info and a special PreSale offer.

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