[Podcast E16] Improving Cycles & Anxiety and a Personal PCOS Health Update


Cycle problems and anxiety have many root causes. 

Since having my son 2 years ago, I’ve experienced more struggle in these areas than ever before. 

The good news is you aren’t stuck with these issues, it isn’t all in your head and medication is not required as a fix. 

Join me for this episode of The Well Sisters Podcast where I’m sharing:

  • A plan of action when experiencing anxiety & cycle problems
  • The issues that prompted me to investigate the causes of my personal anxiety and cycle problems
  • Why the specific biomarkers tested in DUTCH were so important for me to look at
  • Every single thing (food, lifestyle choices & supplements) I’ve been incorporating since receiving my DUTCH results
  • The results I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time

If you’ve struggled with trying all the “right” things and haven’t yet found the answers that work for you, you are going to L-O-V-E this episode.

P.S. Ask me questions about this episode or inquire how we can work together by reaching out to me anytime via Instagram DMs or email me at robyn@thehormonediva.com.

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