[Podcast E15] Yoni Steaming for Period Problems & Self-Care with Alex Bjarnason


Yoni steaming is an incredible tool for the healing of gynecological issues in women. 

My friend and steam expert Alex Bjarnason of Nurtured Luna is joining me to discuss this (IMO) under-utilized healing tool. 

In this episode, we’re jamming about:

  • How medical trauma and birth brought Alex to yoni steaming (& my own experience in using steaming for cycles and infections)
  • What yoni steaming is and a brief history of its use
  • How yoni steaming can be helpful for any period problems (pain, heavy, fertility, etc), postpartum care and infections (vaginal, yeast, etc)
  • Connecting with your womb space as a form of self-care in a society that doesn’t support women’s natural, cyclical nature
  • My unfortunate first period story
  • What you can do to take your health in your own hands when the medical system fails you

Alex is a vaginal steam practitioner, certified by the peristeam hydrotherapy institute. She has a passion for supporting women on the journey of womb reclamation and connecting them back to the ancient practice of yoni steaming. She is a herbalist, taught through the wise women’s way and is deeply connected to the plants growing among us. Connecting the sacred and the science she feels the work of women’s healthcare outside the medical paradigm is critical to reclaiming our bodies and healing the traumas of many generations before us.

Connect with Alex Bjarnason:Website: https://www.nurturedluna.com/ Take her Quiz: https://contact065895.typeform.com/to/Y4KdAkHr?typeform-source=www.nurturedluna.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nurturedluna/ Email: contact@nurturedluna.com

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