[ Podcast E13] Self-Care During Your Period

Aug 10 • 20:27


Your period is your superpower. And when your life isn’t aligned with your cycling body, you’ll know it by experiencing terrible periods.

Our menstrual flow is our fifth vital sign. It’s an extra way we get to physically and mentally detox the world.

When we lean into this, we take our power back.

When we lean into this, we resolve many physical problems surrounding our menstrual cycles.

In this episode of The Well Sisters Podcast on self-care during your period, we’re chatting about:

  • Why your period is a built-in pit stop on the journey of your life
  • My first-period story and how that laid the groundwork for hating my bleeds and my cycles
  • My years of personal experiments in taming my periods – and what practices have me feeling so incredibly in love with my bleed (instead of hating it)
  • Simple ways to incorporate self-care into your bleeding days, and the ripple effect it will have in the rest of your life

Journal prompts to dive deep and figure out what you really want & need as self-care during your bleed time

Journal Prompts:

  • How do I currently feel about my bleed?
  • How do I currently feel while bleeding?
  • What would iI love to have more of/support with during my bleed?
  • How do I WANT to feel during my bleed?
  • What are some ways I can support myself during my bleed?

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