[Podcast E11] Reversing female hair loss naturally

Jul 20 • 27:57


It is 100% possible to reverse hair loss.

I am living proof of that after losing ⅓ or more of my hair twice in my lifetime.

Styling our hair a certain way, wearing hats, scarves, headbands, hating the wind – these are all the little anxieties and obsessions that come up for women experiencing hair loss.

We don’t want it to be noticeable. We’re afraid of going bald and needing to wear a wig. We’re afraid of what people might think or say.

Continuing our series about hair loss from yesterday’s post, I’m back today with a podcast episode all about reversing female hair loss!

🎙️ In this brand new episode of The Well Sisters Podcast I’m sharing:

👉 Causes of hair loss in women

👉 My personal struggle with hair loss

👉 How I completely reversed my hair loss in 6 months

👉 Starting steps to grow strong & healthy hair

I hope you enjoy!

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