[Podcast E07]Cinthia’s PCOS Journey – Health, Self-Worth & Alignment [Client Story]

Jun 21 • 16:37


What a MAGICAL, incredible episode. Cinthia, a client of mine who started with my Unbreakable group program is sharing her journey and insights on living with PCOS and making changes in her physical & mental health during the last 6 months of our work together. 

Cinthia is incredibly eloquent and I know what she has to share is going to resonate with you – whether you have PCOS or not. 

In this episode, we jam on:

  • Where Cinthia’s mind was at and what caused her to join Unbreakable back in December 2020
  • How Cinthia’s PCOS symptoms have changed since we began working together
  • Communicating effectively and confidently with doctors Leaning into what feels good for YOUR body – not what some person or diet tells you that you need
  • The impact that shifting your mindset around health and hormones has on self-worth at a deep level
  • Knowing your body better than anyone and hiring people who can help you foster the connection between healing and what feels good for you

So many juicy bits packed into this short episode. I can’t wait for you to listen!

You can find Cinthia on Instagram HERE or check out her website HERE

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