PMS Breast Pain

My Period is a Pain in the Boob!

Big or small, round or droopy– breasts are a part of our lives every day! Whether we wish they were bigger or smaller or perkier, they are here to stay and we should love them with all we’ve got! It’s pretty common knowledge that most women at some point feel PMS symptoms (up to 90%). One of the major symptoms is breast pain or tenderness.

This is something I’ve ALWAYS suffered with. Some cycles, it would be just a little discomfort or swelling, and sometimes I’ve had cycles where I can hardly move or breathe without pain. For me, it was part of my PCOS, a hormonal imbalance that plagues women with severe PMS, among other things. So how can we kick this pain in the boob to the curb?

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  1. debbie

    Did you know that molecular iodine can help with menstrual-related breast discomfort? (Tenderness, aches, heaviness, swelling)? There is a non-hormone, non-prescription supplement product for this problem called Violet which can be found at CVS, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Harris Teeter,…and on Amazon and the company also sells direct. (

    1. Hey Debbie,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Yes- I am aware that iodine is helpful for mastalgia! In fact, I started using it myself for this purpose earlier this year and have experienced great results.

      Thanks for sharing that super helpful info!


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