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Robyn Srigley is the passionate and engaging founder of The Hormone Diva, Women’s Holistic Nutritionist.

As heard on radio, and read in print!

Robyn regularly contributes to a multitude of online and physical magazines, blogs and other websites. Robyn has also been spreading the word about health on many internet radio shows.

Robyn’s passion for helping women struggling with PMS and other hormonal concerns shines through in everything she does. She always works tirelessly to make healthy living and natural healing easy for her clients + tribe.

Client Testimonials



“When I first found Robyn, I knew there were things I needed to do and change in my life but I wasn’t sure I could do it. With kids, a brand new career shift, bad periods and generally feeling super sluggish and tired, putting myself as a priority seemed really overwhelming. I wasn’t confident I could make it work as my previous attempts to make a change, like going to a naturopath, choosing my own supplements and using what I thought was an anti-inflammatory diet never worked the way I wanted. Now I realize my fears were unfounded because working with Robyn helped me to nourish my body in a functional way that allows me to keep it going long-term and still support and keep my family happy. I know the right choices to make now, and how to do it easier. I’m so glad I took the time to focus on ME before starting my new career. I’m now energized and pumped up to continue with my new life!” – Jessica M.


“Before the detox, I felt bloated and not confident in my clothes as they didn’t fit quite right. Now I feel I have more energy and motivation to get things done and my clothes fit better.” – Sara B.





Before starting the 30 Day Jumpstart, I felt that my hormones and my Endometriosis were taking control of my life and my body. I was constantly tired, moody, and had an upset stomach after every meal. Before this, I really felt that nothing would work for me. 3 surgeries, several different medications, pain killers, and I never experienced any relief in my symptoms compared to what I am feeling now. After making changes that you recommended over the last 30 days I have noticed a major increase in energy, my moods are much more stable, and I no longer have stomach aches/digestive issues. I can’t thank you enough for the huge impact you have made! I finally feel in control! – Lindsay K



“Before the detox, I felt bloated, tired and brain fog. After the detox, I have better digestion, feel light and reduced brain fog. My favourite part was the vision board and taking care of me. I’m so happy to also have increased self-awareness and to have released some weight!” – Lariza M.




“It was the most comprehensive detox I’ve been on with amazing results in just 4 days, confirmed in 7 and I’m now inspired to continue the program to gradually re-introduce food to find my unique bio-individuality diet going forward. Very excited! As with other detox programs I expected the first 3-4 days to be the hardest as the shift is happening but knew the reward would be worth it. I’m happy to have kicked the coffee habit – now it will be an occasional treat. I now prefer the variety of teas to choose from and can select a flavour based on my mood. I never felt overly hungry or craving after the first two days. It’s nice to choose carbs rather than crave them. I am starting to feel more rested upon waking – very positive! I am also approaching self-care with a lot more thought and prioritizing it which makes me an even happier more vibrant person to be around.” – Cindy G.


“Before the detox I was out of control gaining weight. Now my clothes fit better and I’ve released some weight. I loved the recipes. Took the guess work out of a diet/lifestyle change. I now have some new family favourites that can help us focus on protein and veggies in a very tasty way.” – Anita H.




“When I first found Robyn, I had hardly any time to myself and was struggling with symptoms of PCOS and depression. My brain was super foggy and I was gaining weight. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to manage my symptoms naturally due to my high-stress, super busy job. Through the accountability and easy-to-implement detailed instruction I received from Robyn, I have been able to release some weight, and take consistent action towards feeling more energized and happy than before. I know my journey has not ended, and I’m so appreciative of the support I received to give me the confidence to get there.” – Miranda B.


“I have a positive outlook for my future health and motivation to keep going, my skin cleared up immediately, and I’ve already begun losing weight. I was surprised not to have cravings. My favorite part was the information about health and how it works and the recipes which incorporate the suggested elements. Overall, I am so glad I participated and I appreciate the help!” – Danielle C.


“When I first found Robyn, I felt in flux. I experienced horrific period pains, hair loss, joint pain and tension and was completely unsatisfied with my job. I had begun to take the steps to start a new and exciting career direction, but was at a loss about what to do about my bad periods. I was worried there really was no answer and I’d have to use over the counter pain relievers forever. During our 2-hour Happy Hormones Quickstart Session, and after with my customized Action Sheet, I gained the tools I needed to balance my hormones. I’m SO excited, I just had my first period since starting Robyn’s suggestions and there was so much less pain! It was almost unbelievable. I’m so appreciative of Robyn’s gentle guidance, nonjudgmental support and that I took this time for ME.” – N.B., England, UK


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