Robyn in a Bikini

Yikes! I’m Wearing a Bikini: How to Get a Bikini Body

When I was a little girl, I was self-concious of my body. I never wanted to show it off, and it was a constant struggle in my mind whether I was “allowed” to wear certain clothes or talk a certain way.


I would definitely say I was mousey, or a wall flower. NOW- not that much has changed in that I’m still an introvert- but I embrace it.


I’m now 1000x more confident in my body & brain than I ever was as a child or young adult.


The true test of my confidence was my recent vacation to sunny Madeira Beach, Florida. I hadn’t worn a bathing suit in like 3 years, and decided to buy a pretty revealing black and grey bikini to sun myself on the beach. I put it on and felt great!


Want to know how I got a bikini body? Read my steps below:


How to Get a Bikini Body


  1. Buy a Bikini

Any bikini that you think is pretty- stripes, stars, solid color, beachy print- whatever!

  1. Put It On Your Body

WOW! You look amazing. What an awesome bikini body- and so fast!


Faster than any crash diet, pill or drink will ever be.




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