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How to Balance Hormones When You Have No Time or Money

Like anything important, balancing hormones takes both vision and focus. However, big dreams and big time focus can be really fucking scary. 
Like, how would I go through life if I was actually HAPPY? And energized?! It’s definitely a tall order that scares many women away from making the changes they want to make. 
There’s also those feelings of possible failure. For example, what happens if this doesn’t work? What kind of fool will I be?
Interestingly enough, the closer we get to making the change, feeling better or whatever that VISION of yours is, we can put up different blocks and excuses. 
This post is all about the top 2 excuses I hear from women all the time.
“I don’t have TIME”
“I can’t afford it”
And before you get defensive, think about it as objectively as possible: are these EXCUSES or truths in your life?
Perhaps the following will help you decide. 

“I don’t have time”

Yes, I get it. We’re all busy. We’re all running around like Wonder Woman with bulletproof bracelets. Doing and fixing and supporting (everyone but ourselves). 
I’m busy too. I run my own business, I exercise and cook my own food, I spend time with my family and friends. I have pets to look after. Among other things. But I don’t let that stop me from getting and being well. 
Why? Because it’s all about prioritizing what you believe to be important. 
Is your health + wellbeing important to you? Then why don’t you make it a top priority- an activity that you participate in before almost anything else?
Because you’re serving others. Because you’re DOING so much. That’s what you’re thinking, right?
Well, consider this:
Do you have time to get sick? Can you afford to miss more work because of your pain? 
What about the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. If that happens, do you have time for it?
My guess is no. Who the hell has time (or want) to spend in and out of doctor’s offices, hospitals and labs. Who has time to get surgery and recover? Who has time for the splitting up of relationships? Not me. Not you. 
The truth is that we can serve others better when we are better. 
As in, being able to communicate effectively and help our kids, spouse, family, coworkers, whatever- be the best they can be. As in, creating incredible bonds with the important people in your life because you’re not too tired or too bitchy. 
As you’re considering what I’ve said here about priorities and time, also consider where you can fit some health into your life. Who can you ask for help so that everything important gets done?
Just as you would schedule in your appointments, kid’s after school activities, work and spousal commitments, you can schedule in some YOU time. Some health time. Carve it out. Tell your friends and family to fuck right off (in nicer words) during your time. Set your boundaries. Be a DIVA!
There’s always time for health. Even 2 minutes at a time. 


“I can’t afford it”

Another big time excuse we use to distance ourselves from true healing, this one takes the cake. 
I often hear this, or a similar version of: it costs too much, I don’t have enough money, money is tight right now, or the funds just aren’t there. 
Another day, another metaphorical barrier to our health.
Consider the alternative: Can you AFFORD to get sick? I mean really sick. Like can’t work, can’t play, too damn sick to do anything but wallow kind of sick. In and out of doctor’s offices kind of sick. 
Spending hundreds and thousands on doctors, medications, surgeries, assistance, life modifications (wheelchair ramp installation, anyone?).
I don’t say these things to scare you. But sometimes a little jolt is needed to spring us into action. 
Again we come back to priorities. What are your financial priorities right now?
Does it include a daily coffee run(s), extra cable channels, lots of new clothes or expensive booze runs? I’m willing to bet it does. Do you really need these? Or do you need them as much or as often as you think you do? I doubt it. 
I have women come to me wanting to create happy hormones on a budget. So they get money from family. Or they pay a little at a time. Or they re-jig the family budget. Or they cut back on these ‘extras’ that unknowingly have become extra expenses eating away at the little spare income they have. All so they can create a positive and happy hormones-sustaining lifestyle. 
Do they miss these extras? Maybe at first. But once that JOY starts to bubble up, it’s all but forgotten.
So what can you decrease or eliminate from your spending, to allow a little wiggle room for exuberant health and happy hormones? I bet it’s more than you think. Try it!



How do you make room for health in your life? Please share in the comments!


  1. You’ve sure hit the mark with this post! As we go about our usual activities (with/without the Wonder Woman bracelets), it is often with silent prayer that our own needs can wait until it’s more “convenient.” Your description of our possible excuses is a great reminder. Thanks for telling it like it is!

    1. You are absolutely right Barb!

      We wait until it’s convenient. . .but will it be convenient to get cancer if you wait? Or will it be convenient to take 10 different medications if we wait?

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