Detox Preparation Day 2

Today you are one day closer to your goal. One day closer to your dream life.

Prepare for your detox today by:

  1. Making your own meal plan and shopping list or printing the done-for-you meal plan and shopping list included in your 7-Day Suggest Meals Guide. You may want to start prepping some food as well.
  2. Do your Vision Board and Power Questions found starting on page 24 in your Detox Guide.

Meal Planning

Get your done-for-you Meal Plan + Shopping List in your 7-Day Suggested Meals Guide.

OR create your own meal plan with the Blank Meal Planner.

Meal Planning is important to the success of any healthy journey. We are all busy and often planning ahead is the only way to maintain the lifestyle you love and deserve.

Use the tools you learn in the detox to maintain your meal planning. Once a week, decide on your meals and make a shopping list. Stick to that list (it will save you money and inches on your waistline) and prep at much of that as you can.

Cut up your veggies. Marinate or prep your meats. Make some grain-free muffins, or other on-the-go snack items. Mix a salad dressing. You get the idea.

Vision Board and Power Questions

I have been using vision boards for several years now. I like to create one for each year, and post it up where I’ll see it every day. You can see in the picture below an example of one of my vision boards.

vision board robyn edited

The Power Questions found in your Detox Guide will help you become clearer on what your vision and goals for your body and life really are. Don’t skip these– just write freely and without judgement.

Private Facebook Community

Join the Happy Hormones Project Detox private Facebook community!

Don’t forget to introduce yourself and share why you’ve joined the detox.

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Email Support

As part of your detox, you have unlimited email access to me! If you have questions, concerns or want someone else to celebrate with you- feel free to email me!

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