Fertility Friday Episode 163

[Fertility Friday Podcast] PCOS & Fertility: Improving Fertility & Balancing Hormones with Diet & Lifestyle Changes

Hey Diva!
Super excited to share that I have been featured on the Fertility Friday Podcast with my good friend, Lisa Hendrickson-Jack!
Some of the fun stuff we chatted about:


  • Why does it often take so long for many women to receive a positive PCOS diagnosis
  • The role of fat in balancing hormones
  • Why it took Robyn 2 years to overcome her acne and improve her menstrual cycle parameters
  • The impact of stress and lifestyle events on your menstrual cycle
  • What type of diet promotes healthy and balanced hormones
  • The myth of low-fat eating
  • Is it possible to optimize your home production on a vegetarian and vegan diet?
  • Why is it important to balance blood sugar for optimal hormone production?
  • The role of exercise in balancing blood sugar and hormone levels
  • High-intensity interval training versus static exercise for weight loss and hormone balance
  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with food

You can find all the details and the episodes at:


  P.S. To learn more about Lisa and her amazing work, check out her website here – http://fertilityfriday.com/
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