Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Pudding (Dairy-Free, Paleo)

Health Benefits


A very trendy food for healthy foodies- this fruit is lives up to the hype. Avocados are FULL of healthy fats to help stabilize your blood sugar. One of the fats, oleic acid, promotes heart health by balancing cholesterol. Avocados are also chock-full of calming minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Avocados are also fantastic for promoting optimal antioxidant status0 helping your body to squash free radicals and prevent disease. Good news for women with estrogen dominance or related conditions like PCOS, Endometriosis and Fibroids- this little powerhouse contains a plant sterol with anti-estrogen properties, making it an excellent part of a hormone-balancing diet.


CHOCOLATE!! Yay. In it’s raw form, known as cacao, this superfood does wonders for our health and hormones. Cacao is naturally full of minerals, including magnesium, and makes this wonderful for heart health and blood pressure. Cacao also exerts a calming effect on you because of the magnesium, and can improve cognitive function. Cacao is a know aphrodisiac, so if your sex drive has tanked, this might be a good option! Feeling super stressed? Cacao may help to reduce excess cortisol, an imbalance which often aggravates other hormonal imbalances like PMS, PCOS and bothersome Menopause.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk and coconut products in general are one of the best foods for balancing hormones. The medium-chain triglycerides contained in coconut actually help your body burn fat better as fuel, and can be helpful in weight loss. Beyond this, coconut milk and products are highly anti-microbial and are therefore super awesome for our immune systems and candida overgrowth. The variety and density of nutrients in coconut products also make it fantastic for skin and hair- used topically and internally. Coconut products also help our thyroid regulate hormone production, helping not only hypothyroid conditions, but also hormonal imbalances in general.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is a fantastic health food when used correctly. The regular pasteurized honey in the grocery store is totally devoid of nutrients and can be harmful to your health. Aim for local, raw, unpasteurized honey always. Raw honey contains antioxidants and can be helpful for inflammation and acidic pH in the body. Raw honey is also fantastic for getting some good Zzzzs. It provides our liver with slowly-releasing glycogen (stored sugar) that our body needs as we sleep. Raw honey is also anti-microbial, promotes intestinal health, and remedies colds and flus.


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