[Case Study] Raelene Got Her Period Back, Lost 10 Pounds + Increased Her Confidence With PCOS Bootcamp


You can learn more about the 6-Week Hormone Bootcamp for Women with PCOS right over here



 Listen to what Raelene had to say and read below!

How did you discover the 6-Week Hormone Bootcamp for PCOS?


I thankfully stumbled across The Hormone Diva as a recommended facebook page and all the rest is history.


What issues were you facing at that time and how long had you been dealing with them?


My issues included significant weight gain, non existent menstrual cycles, facial hair growth and overall depression. I have been consistently been dealing with these issues for 10 years plus.


What were your menstrual cycles like before beginning PCOS Bootcamp?


They were not happening at all.


What was your ultimate goal with PCOS Bootcamp and PCOS in general?


My ultimate goal was to lose weight, get my period back and improve my overall health so if my husband and I chose to conceive it would be possible.


Did you struggle with implementing the “roots” of the program at first?


Of course! Everything new is a struggle to begin with in my opinion. The dietary portion of the program was the hardest part for me because my body was so addicted to sugar and carbs that I craved them so badly. When I first started the program, I thought there would be no way that my cravings would go away. I really didn’t want to give up the foods I loved, but as soon as I started eating the foods on the plan and nourishing my body and balancing my blood sugar, my period came back after YEARS!! Better yet, I did not get many cravings at all and when I did it was because I was getting my period, who knew?


Share with us 3 things you are still doing now to help with your cycles and PCOS symptoms?


I am using Ovasitol to help with my blood sugar, Magnesium Glycinate to help with stress, and CBD Oil to help with sleep. I also take a multi-vitamin every morning to make sure I am getting more of the nutrients that my body needs.  Introducing light exercise into my routine has still been fairly new as of late because I absolutely wanted to get the eating portion of the program down but I am just enjoying life and even if it is a small walk with my two dogs, interval training on my eliptical or a walk on my treadmill while I watch tv. (At least it is keeping me moving). Better yet, with eating properly to address the root causes of PCOS, the weight is still going down and I can even sneak a cheat meal in every so often even with only light exercise 🙂


How did your health improve and your lifestyle change as a result of PCOS Bootcamp? What changes did you see in your menstrual cycle specifically?


Losing weight seemed near impossible for me before I started bootcamp. My periods did not happen for years, and I was given the run around by multiple doctors that it was normal for me not to have a period. At this point, I was 23, depressed, fat, unhealthy and diagnosed with PCOS – something I knew nothing about and doctors didn’t seem to want to do much except prescribe every drug possible to me. I was lost and didn’t know where to go or what to do next. I admit, I tried the metformin. Worst experience of my life. I didn’t feel like myself and frankly I didn’t want to be on medication for the rest of my life so stumbling across Robyn and her Hormone Diva facebook page was my saving grace. As of now, I have been on the PCOS bootcamp program for 3 months and I have lost 10lbs (something I would have never thought was possible 3 months ago).


How has this been a life-changing experience?


This has been a life-changing experience for me because I CAN achieve my goals. I CAN lose that stubborn belly fat and I CAN have a normal period. I just wish that I would have stumbled across this sooner. It puts my mind at ease that I am losing weight, being healthy and increasing my chances to be around for my family in the future. The time for living is now!! I am on track to being happy, healthy and maybe even having a family of my own thanks to the Happy Hormones Sisterhood. Thank you Robyn!


What would you say to a friend who read about PCOS Bootcamp and felt it might be too much for them to handle, but could really benefit from the protocol?


Honestly, If I can do it anyone can do it!! I have been through multiple diets to try and lose some of my weight and I would lose some but then I would hit a lull and it would creep back. Of course then I would get depressed and it was just a vicious cycle over and over again. The thing I would say to a friend is that if you have been there and tried all the different fad diets to lose weight, get your period and body on track and nothing seems to be working, give the PCOS bootcamp a try, you will not be disappointed. Robyn will do her very best to help you through all your battles and will answer your questions as best as possible. The Happy Hormones Sisterhood is also a perk to the program. There are so many women out there that are having the same symptoms as you, you are not alone!!!!! If you join the program, you will be greeted by these women with such a warm welcome and absolutely no judgement because they know what you are going through. So if there is anyone out there who doesn’t know if this program will be good fit for them, I would recommend trying it out anyway. Trust me you can thank Robyn later 🙂



You can learn more about the 6-Week Hormone Bootcamp for Women with PCOS right over here

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