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Bulletproof Tea

When I began my PCOS healing journey, my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of high-fat eating. Now I’m not talking about stuffing my face with Big Macs and milkshakes, but rather using fat as my primary fuel while reducing my carbohydrate intake. Having a breakfast made almost entirely of fat has seriously saved me.

High fat, low carb diets like Paleo and Keto have been really big in the news lately. And for good reason. Every cell in our bodies have a membrane that’s made of fat. If we don’t get enough fat, our cells won’t work properly. Hormones won’t be made in the right amounts, blood sugar will spike, and you may experience fatigue, foggy brain or other more serious symptoms.

You may have heard of something called Bulletproof Coffee floating around the wellness sphere. This is often touted as a miracle weight loss drink. I don’t promote the use of coffee as a regular drink due to the caffeine and stress-stimulating effects. I’ve replaced the coffee with tea here. This drink definitely had an impact on my own weight loss, and have seen it help many others with various health concerns.
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DISCLAIMER: Without proper use this drink could cause loose bowels, nausea and other temporary digestive upset. Many of our bodies are used to a low-fat diet (skim milk, skinless chicken, fat-free salad dressing, etc) and so ingestion of this drink takes time and patience. You need to give your body time to get used to having so much fat in one sitting. So, do this in baby steps. Start with about 1 teaspoon each of the MCT oil + butter. Drink the tea slowly, and over the course of a month or two, work your way up to the full 1 tablespoon each MCT + butter.

Without further ado, here’s the recipe!

Bulletproof Tea


  1. 1-2 cups your favorite brewed tea (I like to use one that tastes good with milk- like Matcha, Oolong or Rooibos)
  2. A few tbsp milk of choice (almond, coconut, organic cow/goat, no soy!!)
  3. 1 tbsp MCT oil
  4. 1 tbsp organic, pastured butter


  1.  Brew your tea as desired and use hot.
  2. Place butter in the hot tea and cover the cup until the butter melts.
  3. After the butter has 100% melted (it won’t blend properly if not completely melted), add in the milk + MCT oil.
  4. Using a blender or battery-powered milk frother (my fav easy way!) for a few seconds until all the liquid fat has emulsified (mixed-in) perfectly with the tea and milk.
  5. Drink slowly, and enjoy!

This tea gives me lasting energy where I don’t need to eat for 4-5 hours afterwards. It also keeps my brain clear and my focus high. I can’t say enough good things about this tea! Take it slow, and try it out!
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    1. Absolutely Tamsin!

      Just make your golden milk, and once it’s pretty much ready to drink + heated up, add in your butter. Allow the butter to melt, then add the MCT or coconut oil. Using a blender or milk frother, blend everything until all the fats are mixed in. Drink and enjoy!

      1. Andrea

        Can Organic Coconut Oil & Ghee be substituted for the butter?

        1. Absolutely! Although coconut oil is a better sub for the MCT oil, and ghee for butter

  1. Debbie

    Made bullet proof tea for the first time this morning. I never imagined I would enjoy drinking my fats. Much to my surprise–I loved it. Warm and butter I really enjoyed it. Now looking forward to the added benefits.

    1. That’s awesome Debbie! It’s long been a favourite of mine. Try making it with ‘golden milk’ (aka turmeric milk) as well- delicious and extra anti-inflammatory nutrition!

    1. Hey Char,

      Thanks for your question!

      I would say yes to stevia. If you are trying to use more fat in your diet (via Bulletproof Tea) for weight release or weight management, I would not include a sweetener that has sugar in it, like honey or maple syrup. Stevia only tastes sweet, so should be fine.

      If you’re using this only for the purposes of general health, then by all means a 1/2 tsp of raw, local honey, maple syrup or even a pinch of coconut palm sugar would work. Just be wary of amounts!

      Hope this helps 🙂

      Have a fantastic day!


    2. Justin Goldberg

      Also many Stevie’s are blended with sugar or a sugar content under a different name

  2. maria

    is it OK to have this tea as a general healthy remedy and you can have some of the carbs like bread,pasta etc. or you can have it when you are on a high fat low carb lifestyle/diet only.

    1. Hey Maria,

      Thanks for your question.

      Bulletproof tea is great for regular use, if you choose. My only caveat is that if you choose to increase you fat intake (like through the tea) and don’t decrease starchy carbs (breads, pastas, pastries) at all- weight gain could result.

      The most benefit will be seen when a reduction in processed carbs accompanies the increase in healthy fats. It’s all about balance!


  3. Hey I can’t wait to try this! Two questions is green tea or black tea okay for this? And can I substitute MCT for coconut oil? Thanks!

    1. Hey Tasha,

      I’m so glad you’re going to try the tea!

      To your questions, Green and black tea are okay for sure. However black tea (and coffee) are quite high in caffeine and can really bother some people, so I don’t recommend consuming either one very often if you’re trying to balance hormones. Also, you can sub in coconut oil, but it won’t have the same effects.

      While coconut oil does contain medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), MCT is a super concentrated form, so to get the same amount of MCTs from coconut oil you’d have to use a ton of it. This is why MCT oil is so great, and generally works better for fat burning in my experience.

      Hope this helps!


  4. Nadia

    Hi Robyn,

    I recently heard about bulletproof tea and coffee. I am confused on how to incorporate this drink in my diet. When is the ideal time to drink bulletproof tea? Should this be used to replace breakfast or in addition to breakfast?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Nadia,

      Yes, I do use this as a breakfast, and it keeps me full for HOURS! It’s great to use in the morning because it will help set you up for a good blood sugar day, and blood sugar imbalances are at the root of pretty much all hormonal and other health issues.


    1. Hey Debbie,

      You can absolutely use cream if you like, as long as you can tolerate dairy foods.


  5. Yellir

    I am highly allergic to dairy. Could I sub out the butter for organic coconut oil?

    1. Hey Yellir,

      Coconut oil is more similar to MCT oil than butter. The types of fats contained in each is different. But, you could definitely try it! You could also use coconut butter.

  6. KML

    So do you just drink this tea all day, to lose weight super fast? I want to drop 75 lbs fast and would like to drop a pound per day as the bulletproof diet book claims.

    1. Hey KML,

      I don’t know about fast weight loss, as this is a food- not a quick diet trick. This is meant to be a meal, preferably breakfast, either on it’s own or along with other food.

      This will not replace a good diet, healthy exercise and the assistance of a qualified natural healthcare practitioner when it comes to weight loss.


    1. Hey KML,

      Golden milk is a mixture of non-dairy milk, turmeric and sometimes cinnamon, ginger or other spices. It’s very anti-inflammatory and supportive for many conditions.

      You can google for a recipe as use that as a base for the bulletproof formula if you wish.


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  8. Rosey

    Hi Robyn, is it ok to have this tea maybe twice a day since it fills you up and keeps you from eating for long periods of time! Thank you!

    1. Hey Rosey,

      I would make a habit of doing twice per day as this will lack variety in terms of nutrients. We need food like veggies, fruits, proteins, nuts, etc as well. That being said if you’re going low-carb, high-fat, you can definitely make a second one to have alongside other food at a meal, rather than having it all by itself for a 2nd meal.

  9. Kari

    What daily protein requirements should I shoot for? Also, could I add Collagen Hydrolysate to the bullet proof tea? In general I eat on the lower end of the carb spectrum, but have my Salizon Chocolate Bar at night, its a must for me. Is that okay or will the increased fat and my nightly chocolate habit somehow backfire? I watch my caloric intake very precisely. I tried the whole bulletproof coffee thing a year or so ago, but it didn’t work for me at that point. It gave me diarrhea (sorry for the tmi). Also, is there a MCT oil brand you recommend? Thank you!

    1. Hey Karie,

      Protein would be good about 20-30g per meal, and 5-10g per snack as a general assumption. Increased fat and low carb often results in the ketogenic diet, which can be very helpful for hormonal imbalances.

      What it will do to you I can’t say as I don’t know your history.

      Yes, MCT will give diarrhea at first if you use too much and drink it too quickly. Start with as little as 1/2-1 tsp daily, sip SLOWLY and work your way up to 1 tbsp over the course of about 4 weeks or so…listen to your body.

      There isn’t one particular brand I recommend, I just grab whatever is in stock at the health food store. Better to ask a store clerk locally which one they recommend as brands vary all over the place.

  10. Christina

    Hello… can I use the ghee or butter without the oil? Why does one need to add both if I may ask? Is the combination some sort of magic exilar for our systems?
    It just seems like alot of calories. I barely eat any (if I eat any at all), bread items. NO GRAIN really what-so-ever but I do eat lots of veggies and 3 serv. of fruit per day – so I’m not trying to be in ketosis.. so I’m concerned about the overall calorie intake! AND I do like to eat breakfast so I wouldn’t just use this alone for breakfast. thanks for any advice!

    1. Hey Christina,

      I would recommend doing both oils, as they have slightly different properties. So combining butter or ghee with MCT or coconut oil is important. You can read more about MCT and the benefits here:

      If you don’t want to use this as a whole meal, simply cut down the levels of oil by half, using 1/2 tbsp each. Of course, it’s more the quality of your calories versus the number of them that matters typically so you can play it by ear to see what works for you.

      1. Christina

        So how much liquid do I use? Ha Ha! I have to laugh because what use to be a cup of coffee or tea was like 8oz and now it’s 12-16 oz! So would I used my full 16oz of tea with the 1/2 tbl of each oil?

        1. Christina

          Also… I cannot have coconut oil.. I’m allergic.. so is MCT coconut oil?

          1. MCT is usually made from coconut oil, so you’ll have to go another route.

        2. The amount of liquid is mentioned in the blog post/recipe, but I’m sure increasing it wouldn’t be an issue.


    Hello. Would I be able to use ghee in place of butter? I have a dairy sensitivity and ghee may be better than butter.


  12. Chenri Jano

    I got discomfort on nape of neck after few days of drinking using coconut oil and butter, might be due to the butter quality, now I switch only to use coconut oil and I don’t experience any discomfort, so for those that felt the same, you can try either only coconut oil or butter

  13. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions in the comments – so many bloggers never respond to the questions that people ask, and it often leaves readers in the dark. I learned so much from your post, but I also learned an equal amount from reading your responses! Thanks for the tips on the MCT and opening the door to using tea and golden milk. I know someone who also uses brewed Chaga as her tea 🙂

    1. Hey Lisa,

      You’re so welcome! I love connecting with my community, and know the frustration of trying to find answers.

      Chaga is definitely another amazing option for this!

  14. Tracy Williams

    Do you have to use milk? I do not want to use milk.


    1. Hey Tracy,

      I use non-dairy milk like cashew or coconut milk. The reason having something creamy like non-dairy milk is important is because it helps to emulsify the fats so they don’t just float on the top. If you were to put the fats in black tea with nothing in it for example, the fats wouldn’t mix. Hope this helps!

  15. Deborah Potter

    Can you tell me based on your recipe for this tea how many carbs, fat and calories this is or should I just read the labels? I’m probably the only one who has asked:) thank you, Debbie

    1. I truly have no idea Deborah! Ideally you’d look at your specific products. I can say the carb count is basically zero.

  16. Anthea

    Hello! So super to read all the comments & helpful replies from you. As a vegan I plan to use MCT & organic raw coconut butter. Can I make tea & blend the night before, keep in fridge & re-heat early the next morning due to time constraints?

    1. Give it a try! There’s a chance the fats will solidify on top and you may need to re-blend, but I haven’t tried this myself so I can’t say for sure. Let me know how it goes!

      1. Anthea

        I will thank you. As I just discovered your site do you discuss soy products, the benefits/disadvantages?

  17. KJA

    I’m trying to minimise my “milk tea” I only ever drink a good strong Assam black tea. Just had my afternoon cuppa and used heavy cream and a dab of milk to loosen it up…. not sure I could “butter” it up as yet.

  18. rebecca humphrys

    I have just started can I use hemp oil instead of butter. I’m using dandelion tea with mct and hemp oil.

  19. Celeste Ryan

    What do you think of puerh tea? Although black in color it is actually a red tea. Traditionally drunk in the Himalayas, and what bullet proof coffee is based on, in my understanding. Supposed to be good for weight loss.

  20. Sharon

    Im T1 diabetic and am not wanting tto lose weight. I need to keep my carbs to about 40 per meal and wonder if increasing fats with this is a good idea? I need to increase calories and protein as im not getting enuf. Thank you for your help.

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  22. Keto Newbie

    Thank you for this post. Tried my first Bulletproof Coffee today and feel completely nauseous. Wish I had seen your post first about easing into the fats. I found no mention of this on the keto websites that I follow, so grateful to know this. Was thinking that I would have to abandon the idea of going keto.

  23. Suzanne Hope

    Hi Robyn, I have recently discovered bullet-proof tea on my own as a result of my daughter doing it with coffee. I absolutley love it! I came online to learn about some of the health benefits and found your blog. Thanks for taking the time to answer all your readers questions. I got as much from those answered questions as I did researching the web! Namaste,

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