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50 Fun Exercise Ideas to Keep You Moving

Exercise and motivation for it has always been a struggle for me. I became a personal trainer four years ago in the hope that having clients to train would keep my own big (and beautiful) ass moving. I laugh when I think now about how wrong I was!

The motivation for movement at the time wasn’t coming from the inside. It was an external thing- I want to be healthy so I should exercise. I should exercise to be fit and a good example for my training clients. And on and on with the shoulda-woulda-coulda.

What I find to be an excellent exercise (pun intended!) in keeping myself motivated is checking in with myself daily to see what I want to do. Some days I feel like I could run a marathon (even though I don’t run) and others I feel like some stretching and housework is all I’ve got in me. Try it yourself!

Once you have the internal motivation for movement, or even if you’re not sure yet, here are some ideas to keep you moving. I’ve indicated my personal favs with bold font.

  1. Walk around the block
  2. Go up and down your stairs a few times
  3. Set a 60 minute timer and get up from your desk for 10 minutes of movement
  4. Stretch your whole body, really slow
  5. 20 squats (over a chair or a low as you can go, baby!)
  6. Catch a yoga class
  7. Take a 20 minute bike ride with the kids
  8. Grab a friend for a walking coffee date
  9. Pilates 100 – 1 set
  10. 1 minute of jumping jacks
  11. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  12. 30 second plank
  13. Go for a hike in a local wooded area
  14. Go Geocaching (aka Treasure Hunting)
  15. Put on your favourite jam and dance like the wonderful freak you are
  16. Download the Seven App and do a quick workout (you have 7 minutes!!)
  17. Sexy time (aka the No Pants Dance)
  18. Clean the house with vigor
  19. Mow the lawn
  20. Shovel the snow
  21. Rake some leaves
  22. Garden for an hour
  23. Start a (free) 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  24. Walk to work
  25. 2 minutes of walking lunges
  26. Calf raises wile you stir the dinner pot
  27. Try a 10 minute Tummy Tamer workout
  28. 15 Minute T-Tapp workout
  29. Go for a run
  30. Job in place during TV commercials
  31. A few push-ups (on knees or toes)
  32. Go to a fitness class
  33. Join a gym (and actually go!)
  34. 1 minute wall sit
  35. 10 minute HIIT workout 
  36. Youtube search “exercise for women”, choose and video and DO IT
  37. Park as far away in the parking lot as possible, and walk
  38. Play a few games of bowling
  39. Join a local sports league
  40. Walk 1 minute, job 1 minute; repeat 10x
  41. Jump rope
  42. Sign up for a local 5K walk/run and train for it
  43. Go for a swim (water is so healing!)
  44. Go ice skating
  45. Walk the dog a little extra
  46. A few Sun Salutations
  47. Jump on a Rebounder or trampoline
  48. Try a pole dancing class and get your sexy on
  49. Go skiing
  50. Play some ping-pong

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