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3 Ways I Shortened My Periods and Lightened My Flow

I woke up and I was bleeding.


I thought, okay cool! It’s been 6 months since I had a period, I can deal with this.


It had been so long, I guess I had forgotten how shitty it was to experience a period in my body.


Being in 10th grade, I had graduated from my days of using pads, and my mom had finally let me start to use tampons. 


I got myself ready, put in the tampon, knocked back a couple of extra-strength Advil liqui-gels and walked to school.


I felt decently tired and woozy through the day, although my pain was kept mostly at bay by the drugs.


I was out of class for lunch, I’d gone to my locker and was gonna have a tinkle before joining my friends in a cafeteria.


In the bathroom I realized I was leaking….not just into my underwear, but it was so bad I was leaking right onto my jeans! Thankfully, it hadn’t yet come through to the outside of the fabric yet, but I knew I needed a tampon.


And of course- the one time my period actually comes, I’m not prepared and had no more tampons.


So I wrapped a bunch of toilet paper around the crotch of my underwear and, mildly panicked, briskly walked into the cafeteria to hit up my girlfriends for some period stuff.


Of course, none of my close friends had any pads or tampons. So I widened the search and finally got a light-flow pad. Basically a whole lot of nothing for the level of bleeding I was experiencing.


I used it anyways. And I piled more toilet paper on top of that. I was completely distracted and anxious for the rest of the day- could people tell I was on my period? Did I look like a hot, sweaty, nervous mess?


Was the blood gonna stain the chair I was sitting on?


All the thoughts constantly swirling. I made it home a few hours later, having piled more toilet paper into my undies, where I was able to put in another tampon.


My heavy bleeding continued for another 9 days. 9 days of panic, embarrassment, dizziness and faking feeling fine.


It was a complete nightmare. And this experience isn’t the only time- my periods right from puberty, were always extremely heavy and took forever to go away!


My girlfriends had 4 and 5 day periods. When I told them I would bleed for 7-10 days at a time, they pretty much looked at me like I was crazy.


It wasn’t until I was older, had been diagnosed with PCOS and was a nutritionist that I understood what was causing my prolonged and very heavy cycles.


Once I knew WHAT was going on, it was soooo easy to fix it. Now my periods come like clockwork, don’t require ANY Advil, and are max 5 days long, with only 1 semi-heavy day.


Once I got into consulting with clients, I realized there were so many women out there who had it even worse!


Awhile back I had a client who would bleed for 60 days straight, very heavy the entire time. It would stop for maybe a week, and continue for another 60 days! She went on like this for a very long time before we started working together and stopped her excessive flow.


Maybe you can relate?


I want you to know that heavy, prolonged bleeding is NOT NORMAL. It’s not healthy. You do not have to put up with this forever.


Below I’m sharing 3 ways that I personally shortened my periods and lightened the flow!


3 Ways I Shortened My Periods and Lightened My Flow


#1 Cruciferous Veggies


Cruciferous vegetables have an amazing affinity for helping to balance hormones. They work on the liver, making sure that excess estrogen is metabolized and detoxified properly. One of the ways in which they do this is through a compound known as DIM.


You may have heard of DIM as a supplement, but let’s get it from veggies, yes?


Cruciferous veggies like broccoli (and more) also have tons of fibre, so they helped me to have regular poops. If you don’t poop enough, estrogen will build up in your body, and old estrogens will be recirculated.


For me personally, estrogen dominance was a major factor in my bleeding, and daily use of these veggies helped me bring that hormone back into balance which resulted in better periods for me!


For these very reasons, I use a huge variety of these veggies in the meals that the Cysters in my PCOS Bootcamp program enjoy during our time together.  


#2 Castor Oil Packs


Another strategy pulled right from my PCOS Bootcamp program, castor oil packs are not to be underestimated.


I used these regularly, about 2-3 times per week (except when bleeding) for months while I was fixing my periods.


Not only did my flow lighten, I didn’t get anymore clots and my pain levels reduced significantly.


I recommend some form of castor oil pack for almost all the Cysters in my PCOS Bootcamp because it’s so incredibly easy and the results are 100% worthwhile.


#3 Vitamin C


I used to think vitamin C was for colds and flus. If you’re sick, take vitamin C!


I didn’t realize the power of vitamin C to heal hormones until I was in nutrition school.


I began to take a vitamin C supplement every day because I learned that it could strengthen the capillaries in my uterus to stop and shorten blood flow.


I also discovered that vitamin C supports the adrenals and production of progesterone- the sister hormone to estrogen that needs to be in balance so that periods come on time and aren’t hell once they get here.

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