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3 Reasons Why You Have to Cleanse to Balance Your Hormones


Cleansing and Detoxing are often thought of as “fads” and to some unnecessary because our organs are made to filter themselves all the time! But in this era we live in people are constantly taking in toxins and other nasty stuff that our bodies are not used to dealing with. The processed foods, unnatural body care products and pollution we encounter is new to us as a species.

Our bodies are not designed to filter these types of toxins so they accumulate- which is bad news for us and our hormones! Without being able to excrete excess hormones they build up, and that is bad news!


  1. Reducing Inflammation Decreases Cortisol Levels

We all know that cortisol is the “stress” hormone and too much can cause the dreaded “belly fat” to accumulate around our middle. Extra fat in this area is a major risk factor for many problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, estrogen dominance and infertility. Extra weight in this area is also particularly hard to get rid of!  When we are chronically stressed, cortisol levels get out of whack.

Excess cortisol causes tons of inflammation to build up in our bodies. This causes excess glucose to build up in our blood- increasing the amount of hunger, mood swings and energy dips we experience. With our body constantly battling to reduce this inflammation – hormone production falls to the wayside. Cortisol levels become too low over time and our body’s ability to make estrogen, progesterone and testosterone is impaired. How does cleansing reduce this?

Eating alkaline foods and decreasing potentially allergenic foods such as gluten, dairy and soy for a short period of time allows the body to rebuild. Disease doesn’t like an alkaline environment, so the body’s stressors are reduced. When this happens, we are better able to make and filter the right types and amounts of hormones. This = Happy Body!

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  1. Reducing Toxic Load Improves Hormone Creation and Filtration

Our livers are so wonderful- they store, create and filter so many different substances in our bodies. When we encounter and consume a lot of toxins over time such as processed foods, unnatural body care products and smog from the air, our livers get overloaded. When they are stuffed full of nonsense they can’t do their job effectively. What does this mean to you? Imbalanced hormones! Our periods are irregular, mood swings and hot flashes abound and we wake up every night around 3am and have trouble getting back to sleep.

Targeted cleansing using liver supportive herbs and nutritionals such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root and N-Acetyl-cysteine helps to flush out these toxins and restore the liver to it’s happy workaholic self. It can filter our hormones again so we don’t get too much blood glucose, estrogen and cortisol hanging around, among others.

Detox Tea | The Hormone Diva


  1.  Decreasing Body Fat Increases Energy and Stabilizes Hormones

When you do a cleanse, you are dumping wastes that have accumulated in your body. Often this leads to accelerated weight loss and easier weight management. When we reduce our body fat into healthy ranges, the toxins we encounter in our daily life have less room to be stored. No toxin storage room = better health, increased energy and a whole host of other amazing benefits.

When you have more energy, you are more likely to stick with the healthy lifestyle choices that make you feel great. Your hormones will be made on time and in the right amounts. Excesses won’t be stored which means no more hot flashes, period cramps, irritability or other nasty symptoms you experience right now! That sounds like a win-win situation to me!!

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