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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Because I love you all so much- I want to share some cool factoids about myself so we can get to know each other better (Want 5 more things you didn’t know about me? Get ‘em HERE). So without further ado. . .


  1. I love indulgences. As a Taurus, my comfort and security do a lot to make me feel grounded. I’m a sucker for comfy slippers + blankets, and I LOVE fine chocolates and a hot bath with a good book.
  2. I’m an artist. All through my life I have been creating. Whether crafts, sewing, painting or drawing- I’m all about the creative outlet. I lost this for some years after high school when the birth control pill had me feeling anxious + numb (post coming soon about this!). In the last year I’ve been making more time for my art, and I find it very therapeutic. My preference is water colour and oil paints, although I use Gouache quite a bit as well. Playing music from this App helps me get in the zone."Release" PaintingPeace Painting
  3. I have an eclectic taste in music. Music is perfect for every mood and circumstance. I like classical, jazz, oldies and new songs. I have many old burned CDs with music ranging from 80s pop hits (guilty pleasure!!) to indie hits and hard rock. Creating playlists is fun for me- during nutrition school I had a playlist of songs to amp me up for exams + presentations! I still use it now if I’m going to speak somewhere.
  4. I’m a tea enthusiast. Hot drinks are so comforting. And while I like a little fair trade coffee now and again (and the odd Starbucks sugary-drink!!), tea is my go-to. I have real teas (made from the camellia senensis plant) like greens, oolongs and black tea from across Asia to herbal infusions for medicinal purposes. I especially like Matcha in the morning as it keeps me alert but relaxed (due to it’s high theanine content). For evening, a mix of lemon balm and holy basil or lavender relaxes me for a good night’s sleep. If you love tea too, check out this great book on everything you need to know about real tea.Matcha Green Tea
  5. I’ve struggled with my periods my entire life. My very first period was kind of a nightmare. It was the day that my maternal grandfather died. So needless to say my poor Mother wasn’t in the right frame of mind to help me out. During the first few years, my periods were extremely heavy, lasted a long time but only came every 4-6 months. Of course most things evened out during the 7 years I was on the birth control pill. After stopping the pill, my periods were still irregular and painful. This led to my PCOS diagnoses.
  6. I’m getting better at squashing negative self-talk. As women, the media (and pharmaceutical companies) have us believing that being a woman is a disease and we should quash matters of our femininity. So with that, comes negative self-talk that we aren’t enough, aren’t pretty/skinny/hot/wealthy/happy enough. Through lots of personal development exercises (and a good chunk of TIME), I have much better control over this.
  7. I think I’m pretty hot stuff. See above! I’ve got better control, and more ways to feel optimistic and happy about me + my life. It’s taken me a long time to get where I am and I feel sexy + smart because of it.
  8. I’m a born + raised Canadian. No, I don’t live in an igloo, and it doesn’t snow here year round. We have hot summers and cold winters and everything in between. Living in this for so many years has given me strength and an appreciation for nature.
  9. My boyfriend showed me what JOY is like. I’ve been with my hunky man, Kyle, for over four years. We have a symbiosis I never knew could exist between two people. We met online and I haven’t looked back since. His laid-back + positive attitude towards life has given me the gift of JOY in my own life. I am forever grateful for this, as I really never thought such a joyful life was possible.

    Me and Kyle
  10. My family has been through struggles, too. As the youngest in my family, I’ve seen my family members go through a lot of health struggles. Most notably, my mother had a heart attack about 5 years ago (Wow- I can’t even believe it’s been that long). It was a traumatic time for my sister and me but it has strengthened us as individuals and a family.

Thanks for reading! I hope you feel more connected. I also want to get to know YOU better. Drop me a line and tell me all about YOU!


  1. Angela Burton

    Love your posts, would love to have a wee cup of tea with you one of these days.

    Miss you,

    1. Hey Angela,

      It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m so glad you enjoy my posts. 🙂

      Can you believe it’s been 2 years since I left feel good? WOW.

      We should definitely get together for a tea at some point.

      I hope you’re doing well, I think of you often.


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